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RPDR S11 Queens rankings so far

Apr 1, 2019 by RightToCensor
A’Keria C.Davenport- STILL my pick to win. I love this bitch. Every runway she has nailed and is still bringing it every Challenge (And tbh if it was an normal Episode Ep3 she wouldn’t have lipsynced) and Also I love how she treats Local Queens who aren’t on the show. Idk I just love her.

Yvie Oddly-I love everything this bitch has brought this season and I don’t see that changing, However I wish she would stop picking fights. That’s a little grating.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo-I know this bitch isn’t winning but I really don’t care I love everything that comes out of this bitches mouth. She IS MADE FOR TV.

Plastique Tiara-VERY Pretty and Ive Liked ALMOST everything she’s worn this season I just wished they gave her more screentime.

Nina West-Didn’t care for her at first but she’s growing on me. Plus her coming out story really shows her strength.

Brooke Lynn Hytes-Consider this controversial but....she’s really boring to me. Like she seems very sweet but she is just dull.she does have the best runways this season so far hands down though🙌🏻

Shuga Cain-I mean I don’t hate her.....she’s just there though. She really hasn’t had a ton of screentime besides this episode so I hope she steps it up.

Scarlet Envy-A part of me wants to like her but she really acts stuck up and I lowkey don’t like it at all. However she’s had some cute looks.

Ra’jah O’Hara-another queen I find to be extremely annoying and to be filler. Has done nothing that surprises me. However she did kill it in that lipsync.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache-Still find her to be extremely fucking annoying. Has had 2 runways this season that have been good. Blegh.

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