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  1. Ugh
  2. Hey does anyone play Ark: Survival Evolved
  3. Omarosa has me shook to my core.
  4. I told yall
  5. Tengaged used to be so fun
  6. Cardi B will never
  7. I just want my
  8. Sza's album
  9. Woooow
  10. Name a story arc
  11. Ok but wait..
  12. My throat is scratchy
  13. Jesus CHRIST.
  14. Im such a good person wow.
  15. Ugh. Its Christmas.
  16. My sis Khloe Kardashian
  17. Wow like
  18. Ugh
  19. Dc is better than Marvel
  20. Josh from BB19
  21. Silence Breakers
  22. I think its hilarious
  23. Someoem gift me
  24. Whats the best Pixar movie?
  25. I dont think Ive ever
  26. Gal Gadot
  27. I just went back
  28. Question
  29. Ring off
  30. Imagine
  31. Justice League
  32. Ok so I watched
  33. Etta James
  34. I love seeing tgers on
  35. Remember Big Brother 19 and 18?
  36. Having a bf
  37. Ya girl
  38. Finished watching Game of Thrones
  39. Its a wrap like the thing
  40. Im such a mean boyfriend

Omarosa has me shook to my core.

Feb 9, 2018 by RiDsTeR
Here I was thinking I was going to be cheering against her but her and Brandi are my picks to win??????

They’re doing what Natalie and Michele could never???????


Why do people like brandi? Like what does she bring to the table?
Sent by underwzc,Feb 9, 2018
Preach boo boo

And underwzc she ok but I’m waitin for more yea
Sent by Roshy,Feb 9, 2018

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