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Survivor Dumbest Moves

Apr 19, 2017 by RedWing91
I was talking about dumb moves in Survivor per season

Borneo = Pagong not even trying to work together
Australia = Colby Taking Tina
Africa = Sabaru not working together at swap
Marquesas = John/Tammy/Robert/Zoe Making the pecking order so obvious in the chopping Challenge
Thailand = Shii Ann
Amazon = I got nothing
Pearl Islands = Outcast Twist
All-Stars = Lex/Kathy saving Amber (Which I am happy about)
Vanuatu =  The Male tribe getting rid of strength
Palau = Ian Quitting
Guatemala = Steph/Rafe not voting out Danni
Panama = La Mina voting out Misty over Ruth
Cook Islands = Raro not voting out Penner
Fiji = The horseman voting out Rocky over Lisi
China = James not playing his idol
Micronesia = Erik giving away immunity
Gabon = Koda voting out Dan over Susie
Tocantins = Timbira voting out Jerri over Erin
Samoa = Galu letting Foa Foa stick around
Heroes vs Villains = Tyson voting Parv
Nicaragua = Double Quit
Redemption Island = Throwing the challenge
South Pacific = Not voting out Cochran right before merge. I mean they'd been to RI duels they knew Christina hated her old tribe they could have worked with her.
OR Brandon giving away immunity
One World = The Men not working together at merge
Philippines = Penner not agreeing to a final 3 with Skupin/Lisa
Caramoan = Voting out Brandon over Phillip
Blood vs Water = Ciera voting out her Mom
Cagayan = Voting out Garett over J'tia
San Juan Del Sur = "Stick to the plan"
Worlds Apart = Not voting Carolyn at final 5
Second Chances = Not voting Wentworth at 11
Kaoh Rong = Anyone trusting Tai
Millennials vs Gen X = Not voting David at 7 and 5
Game Changers - JT screwing up OR Not voting Sandra Earlier OR Varner


Sent by moondancer63,Aug 7, 2017
Jt Tomas pisses & screwed up by tribemates & the fan by voting Malcolm over SIERRA because of jt , Sierra played her idol early & jt told the other tribe by telling them by voting out Sierra & Sarah making the face at Varner at that tribal council because Varner outed zeke & Sarah , Andrea & tai attacked Jeff Varner on purpose to honest
Sent by nnewman3,Aug 18, 2017
idiot do the challenge
Sent by Antetokounmpo,Sep 28, 2017
Ciera voting out her mom wasn't necessarily that dumb because it was her only chance of even surviving that Tribal.  Also, for Cagayan, where's Woo taking Tony to Final 2 over Kass?
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 22, 2018

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