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Vote CHANDLER in this poll! Feb 10, 2020

If he’s evicted, everyone who commented will be entered to win a gift giveaway!

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No title Jan 26, 2020
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Imagine being so obsessed with me Jan 26, 2020
that you have to post voting results of a game that isn't that important (love you Aquamarine) and neg blogs based on me being in them. Could never be me!
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Whodunnit time Jan 5, 2020
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The Dead Kid Walking Finally Died Dec 15, 2019
Hey. So... I just want to say thank you to M_Davis1998, RainbowKing, S73100, Birks4444, and Oreo270 for not only helping with production but also being amazing hosts throughout the season. All of you have done an amazing job evolving this tiny production into a great community.

Now, the elephant in the room. I got voted out because I couldn't win a comp and I had already won too much. I wish I could've gone back and done things differently, but I can't. And no matter what, I improved socially and mentally and somehow upped my placement, even at 7th. My regret would be not putting Megan up when I could, but that is something I can't reverse.

My goal coming in was simple: reverse my past. In Season 1, I played super docile and was just a sheep. When I was asked to play again, I immediately accepted without even checking my schedule because I wanted to rewrite history. And I was still lame at the beginning of the game. But when I was put up against Kendyl, I woke up. A little, yes, but still. But being nommed by Lamar really was a shock to my body and really accelerated my game. I refused to go home.

And so I didn't.

I won Veto. And then another. And then another. AND THEN A-FUCKING-NOTHER. I said, "Fuck my old game. Let's get power." I got Heather's power vote. I was safe under various Dead Men Walking twists. And I likely would've won this game if I remembered how people talked. Or could stack cups right.

Either way, thank you for letting me have a second shot. I hope I can get a third chance and maybe win this time.

Caleb ( caleb9211)
Drew ( bbfan1074)
Megan ( nutmeggiee)
Nathan ( Yonaka)

17. Kendyl ( thekendyldiaries)
16. Brandan ( Maladus1)
15. Heather ( chameleon777)
14. Drake ( Spinfur)
13. JJ ( Raverkid)
12. Nopalito ( NopalitoLegend01)
11. Billy ( Rocketokid13)
10. Lamar ( LuckyLefty)
9. Nik W. ( Nikw98)
8. Lauren ( Thumper91)
7. Julian ( thesexiestdude990)
6. Nick S. ( NotNicky333)
5. Jack ( realjacksonwalsh)
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Info on his depature Dec 11, 2019
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