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Yo tengaged

Mar 6, 2018 by Raydiz33
Peace out people you guys have been cool but I gotta focus on life now. I’ll see y’all later. icebear and FireX and also musicinme (not on this site anymore) you guys are my best tengaged friends. Special shoutout to thepug who hosted my favourite group game. That’s about it. Take care and good luck to everybody with there lives. Peace out tengaged (for real this time).


Take care Cody. You will be missed. :(
Sent by IceBear,Mar 6, 2018
Thanks man
Sent by Raydiz33,Mar 6, 2018
Sent by ThePug,Mar 6, 2018
I will miss you man
Sent by FireX,Mar 7, 2018

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