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  1. So...
  2. I'm A Skeleton! :O
  3. How Has Everyone Been?
  4. How Much Does A Shop Cost Nowadays?
  5. Home For The Holidays
  6. I Feel Out Of The Loop!
  7. Soooooo
  8. Hiya (:
  9. Hiya
  10. Hi!
  11. Is This Really How Jeannine Raised You
  12. What Is Funny Here
  13. You Realize
  14. I Want To Clarify
  15. Solidarity
  16. I'm Pleasantly Surprised
  17. Flight Is In 4 Hours!!
  18. Who Wants to Join A Call
  19. I'm Draaaaankin
  20. Jesus May Have Arose From The Grave
  21. It Genuinely Pisses Me Off
  22. VLOG #IDK (Who Can Keep Track!)
  23. I Got TWO Mails
  24. Might Possibly Make A Vlog
  25. I Survived That Dreadful Shift!
  26. Off To Work For 8 Hours Soon
  27. I Have To Know
  28. HighNoon
  29. It's A Weird Feeling
  30. "You're a tasty lamb Nick I would have you..
  31. I'm Bored Again
  32. Hiya
  34. I'm Bored
  35. Merry Christmas!!
  36. Hi (:
  37. 6 Years On This Site!
  38. On My Way To Big Brother Canada Auditions
  39. Who Wants to Join Skype Video Call Night!
  40. On Tonight's Episode...

How Much Does A Shop Cost Nowadays?

Dec 17, 2018 by RawrItsNick


an arm an a leg in todays economy
Sent by PrinceVans,Dec 17, 2018
My Sweet Day:
Just got this new level color and now ill comment on every blog i saw and pluss!
Sent by Kuririn,Dec 17, 2018

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