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1stAug 13, 2012 by RawrItsNick
You need to be called out. We used to be close, and now over a game you are a fake bitch who deletes me off skype and negs all my blogs, and gets others to neg my blogs. GROW UP. You are SO pathetic, are you seriously taking a blindside that hard? Like you deserved it 100%! You were terrorizing the game, and you had it as a split tribe; and FTR I never ACTUALLY agreed to working with you guys. You are pissing me off, how fake can you actually get? Clearly you don't give an actual shit about half the people you say you do, cuz then you just try to intimidate them into doing your bidding. Maybe I had plans of my own, and I REFUSE to sheep ANYONE . And it's funny, do you litterly stalk my page waiting for me to blog? Cuz you are always very fast on the negs! Get a life honestly, do you not have anything better to do? Act your age, not your dick size and GET OVER IT tbh. Cuz till this point I took your abuse like a bitch and I'm sick of it,  I wanted to work it out, but clearly not. So how bout you stay away from me, and I'll give you the same back . K thx.



this isn't serious
who did you copy this from
Sent by ianfitz0012,Aug 13, 2012
oh my
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 13, 2012
Sent by DarkTyphoon23,Aug 13, 2012
now repost tht vlog
Sent by TylerK,Aug 13, 2012
Sent by Vitamin,Aug 13, 2012
preach it ^(^_^)^
Sent by xXandytraicyXx,Aug 13, 2012
+12 and wish i could do more
Sent by cody_,Aug 13, 2012
Sent by owee13,Aug 13, 2012
Gettttt it Nickkk xx
Sent by Javy9,Aug 13, 2012
lol he's a pathetic freak, negging us won't get him back in the tribe :) LMAO
Sent by sihz,Aug 13, 2012
RawrItsNick - He is a pathetic disgusting human being... I'm sorry you let him get the best of you.

DInom is a HORRIBLE human being.. skype me for more details about his past.  Oh and he has NO life whats soever he legit goes through my blogs and negs them every day as well  as if I care LAWL.
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Aug 14, 2012
mastamanipulator_11 LOL IK? Does he have like a list to go through and neg each day? He does the same for me, but I don't give him any attention so at times he'll get lazy and stop doing me but he def does me.

And since his return i'm glad people have found how disgusting and cruel he is. He was so butthurt over getting his blogs negged he stopped blogging which is amazing cause he's so annoying :') lol
Sent by Timster,Aug 14, 2012
aww I'm sorry this happened to you Nick :(
Sent by NotAfraid,Aug 14, 2012
Sent by PaulaDeen,Aug 14, 2012
I have been a victim of him.

*cries with Rawritsnick, @MastManipulator_11, & Timster*
Sent by Runner430,Aug 14, 2012
Sent by Runner430,Aug 14, 2012
omg that's shocking!
Sent by TheGoodMan,Aug 14, 2012
Dinom he is gross, disgusting, vile, nasty blaah everytime i see his username i wanna fucking hurl
Sent by GurlBai,Aug 14, 2012
Aww I like Dinom =[

I hope u 2 can get past this! =D
Sent by CocoaBean,Aug 14, 2012
I just got my nommed for 17th blog to a top blog for talking about how fucking disgusting DiNoM 's ass is :S
He evicted me every stars and I dont even REMEMBER what I did to him so I understand Nick he did the same to me xx
Sent by Prince_Charming,Aug 14, 2012
Sent by conza1994,Aug 14, 2012
Come did this to me, don't be a hypocrite now.
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 14, 2012
I like dinoM :(
Sent by evil_derrick,Aug 14, 2012
He was already called out. In fact they called his school. It ended terribly.
Sent by Inshane,Aug 14, 2012
Inshane Who called DiNoM's school and why? :O
Sent by Etienne,Aug 14, 2012
Well someone needs to grow a pair nd stop crying over a game -_-
Sent by coltsfan876,Aug 14, 2012
Oof, that's just horrible Inshane , I'd never take shit into real life :S
Sent by RawrItsNick,Aug 14, 2012
Etienne that's all I was told about it
Sent by Inshane,Aug 14, 2012
Sent by STOKES2009,Aug 14, 2012
hes disgusting
Sent by dools,Aug 14, 2012
I'm not gonna lie, but when I read that he "terrorized" the tribe I almost spit out my drink.  It's as if he wore a scary clown costume and scared people awake.  THAT WOULD BE TERRORIZING.
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 14, 2012
Cheznahuf , His face did that enough tbh :XX . Or his ass (puke)
Sent by RawrItsNick,Aug 14, 2012
Sent by respectmyhustle,Aug 14, 2012
DiNoM is amazing

kthnx bai
Sent by snels66,Aug 14, 2012
hes like this to me too
Sent by disneygeek,Sep 6, 2012

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