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Until Dawn Character Rankings - #1

Apr 15, 2019 by RaverKid
imageAnd now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Number 1! On! My! Character ranking is!


Emily is another character that I absolutely despised in the beginning. She was one of the main reasons Hannah got pranked, claiming that she deserved the prank because she had a crush on HER man. After the prologue all she did for the first few scenes in the game was fight with people, barking orders at Matt, instigating a fight with Jessica, and just being a straight. Up. bitch.

My opinion began to turn in her favor after she was separated with Matt, going FULL Lara Croft on us. Swinging by her ankle attached to a power line, ripping her shirt to design a torch, Emily BEASTED through that mine scene. While she might have been scared, she came out on top. While Jess is the first to encounter the Wendigo, Emily is the first to see and understand that she encountered a Wendigo, this is also the first time that the player gets to see the Wendigo clearly, and in my case, understand that a separate plot is unfolding. Emily was the pivotal point in the game. Making it back to the cabin, we witness one of the most volatile fights in the game between Ashley, Mike, and Emily. Almost resulting in Emily’s death. Which then results in one of the whiniest, most obnoxious police interview lines in the game. Emily is one character that I’ll never forget from any game. Such a great actress, such a polarizing character, and ultimately. My favorite from the series.

Unfortunately, in my first playthrough, I missed the quick time event while running from the Wendigo in the mines, and Emily was shredded by the meat grinder at the top of the conveyor belt. Because I don't do very well with blood, I looked away in anticipation of immediate death, and the friend that showed me the game didn't tell me to look up, so I completely missed the SECOND quick time event designed to save her from that death. Ugh. Fucking Travis.

Some of my favorite quotes;

“UNDERSTAND THE PALM OF MY HAND BITCH” - Slapping the batshit out of Ashley
“It’S jUst a pRaNK HAN”
“Oh, did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness too loud?”
“Yeah, it’s all a big cattle call with that dreamboat. Congrats! You’re top cow!”
“At least I CAN think, 4.0 bitch, Honor roll. Suck on that when you’re trying to sleep your way into a job.”
“Mike and Jess are off 69ing each other and who knows where Sam is.”
“Rule number 1, Emily is always right. Rule number 2, nothing else matters, because Emily, is always right.”
“Oh God, here goes 600 bucks, it better be worth it, I looked great in that top.”
“UNDERSTAND THE PALM OF MY HAND BITCH” - Best quote in the game.

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Sent by mathboy9,Apr 15, 2019
I love her but I like Jess so much more sorry...
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 15, 2019
I love her but I like Jess so much more sorry...
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 15, 2019
Sent by immaxyman,Apr 15, 2019
Ugh. this hurts my eyes, but i respect u for that
Sent by Krillin,Apr 15, 2019
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