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It's a Joke.

Jul 8, 2018 by RasCity
How many people are on the bandwagon of public perception.

In what world would Staying by an unrealistically high Stars Percentage gain you support.
Flavoring is a myth created by the populars and kept alive by gullible and unaware idiots.

I vote in the minority in Stars Polls 90% of the time,
You bitches just can't relate to my realness.



-claps ass cheeks-
Sent by Lissylion15,Jul 8, 2018
its because being nommed alot shows a perception of being in the minority. flavoring exists, its always a bad strat to make one. Doesnt matter anymore tho bc multis.
Sent by chibideidara,Jul 8, 2018
chibideidara no it's always been a retarded mindset to think that.
Sent by RasCity,Jul 8, 2018

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