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IDK About You.

Mar 31, 2018 by RasCity
But does MattyP's speech make anyone else want to punch Sam_Hamwich in the face.

I literally don't think I've read a worse speech ever.


Go back and read one of your speeches
Sent by maturo,Mar 31, 2018
Maturo #SomethingDifferent
Sent by RasCity,Mar 31, 2018
1- i dont care about this game, im just in it bc mattyp won the raffle
2- playing the way he did wasn't smart bc that's the reason Eli went unnommed and anyone who says letting that happen was smart is an idiot
3- i dont have multis, havent used multis, i have 3 total accounts to use and even they only voted in polls if i was going on them for another reason. Someone is using their multis on me so that way i lose support from people and now one of these polls is probably gonna come back with an 80% in the other direction
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Mar 31, 2018
sam_hamwich i admit some of my anger camefrom your high percentages. But idoubt jackson let it happen the cards just fell in elis favor.
Sent by RasCity,Mar 31, 2018

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