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WHO watches Bates Motel??

Apr 6, 2013 by RachelReilly1
Omg It's like the new LOST. So many mysteries and suspense. UGH Icant wait for next episode!


oooh  i love lost.. i'll consider checking it out :)
Sent by Notsae,Apr 6, 2013
Notsae It was written by the same guy who wrote Lost haha so yeah you should :)
Sent by RachelReilly1,Apr 6, 2013
My friend keeps talking about that show!! I've been meaning to watch it!
Sent by Amanyaman,Apr 6, 2013
RachelReilly1 you seen Revolution?
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 6, 2013
tomhartnell No but I've seen promos, I think it looks kinda interesting
Sent by RachelReilly1,Apr 6, 2013

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