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Mar 30, 2019 by RArsenault
#survivor there is a "spoiled" F3 out there. I don't know how promising it is...however it seems to be the only spoiler that has some weight to it. Only read further if you want to know what it is.

The F3 is supposedly Eric/Julie/Kelley
It is speculated that Eric is the EOI returnee, and it is highly speculated that Julie IS our winner. Here is how I THINK the season will go based off this spoiler

12th: Ron
11th: Wardog
10th: David
9th: Eric
8th: Julia
7th: Gavin
6th: Rick
6th: Aurora
5th: Victoria
4th Lauren

12th: Probst already teased that next weeks tribal will be epic. I think that Wardog/Kelley/Lauren somehow use Kelley OR Laurens idol and blindside RON.
11th: I think David/Rick somehow pull off a blindside to break up Kelley/Lauren/Wardog and they are able to blindside WARDOG.
10th: I think Kelley/Lauren find another having 2 again. And they use it to blindside DAVID.
9th: I think Kelley/Lauren get a girls alliance going or something along those lines and they send ERIC packing.
8th: I think the majority try to target Rick..and he plays an idol or something and they end up blindsiding JULIA
7th: I think Kelley/Lauren/Rick pull off another blindside...getting GAVIN out.
6th: I think Kelley/Lauren pull the girls together and blindside RICK.
*ERIC RETURNS*- rumor has it one of F3 is EOI returnee. I think its Eric
6th: Aurora/Kelley/Lauren vs. Victoria/Eric/Julie. They go to Rocks or something and Aurora is blindsided. Would explain her purple edit.
5th: Kelley/Lauren find idol. Other one wins immunity. They blindside Victoria.
4th: I think Eric wins final immunity....saves Julie...and then Lauren/Kelley are forced to make fire against each other. I think Lauren loses given Kelley supposedly making F3
F3: Kelley/Eric/Julie: I think many Manu will vote for Kelley whereas the #kamabitter sentiment that is rumored will cause Julie to get the majority of the votes. Plus her really good edit this episode supports this...
3rd: Eric
2nd: Kelley
1st: Julie


honestly switch 1st and 4th and i mostly agree but thats just cuz of other predictions i have read
Sent by Absol,Mar 30, 2019
Yah i hope you are right. Absol
Sent by RArsenault,Mar 30, 2019
Kelley robbed
Sent by _Ravenclaw_,Mar 30, 2019

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