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  1. Birdo the LGBT Legend
  2. PYN
  3. Is anyone else having half of the screen flash..
  4. I WON 39 CENTS TOO!
  5. I hope
  6. Who do you want in Smash 5?
  7. My Smash 5 Roster Prediction
  8. If anyone wants to play smash on wii u with me
  9. I'm so bad at smash lmao
  10. Listen up you fucking pieces of shits
  11. Thank you!!!
  12. Please save Cher in this poll xo
  13. Gabbie Said
  14. Got my account back
  16. Hey Bitches
  17. Buy Tell Me You Love Me On ITunes <3
  18. Voted Jillian for AFP xoxoxoxoxox
  19. China Anne Mcclain wins CBBUSA
  20. Taylor's new song makes my ears bleed.
  21. Change = Best Taylor Swift song
  22. why
  23. This is what Gabbies vagina looks like
  24. Song of the century
  25. Where do we even test the new comps
  26. My Decision
  27. Get Trisha Her Washcloth
  28. Jillian was ROBBED!!!
  29. Me When Jillian wins Battle Back
  30. BB19 Rankings
  31. I must Receive Alex Ow Background!!
  32. Jessica Graf Tribute <333333333
  33. No title
  34. Jessica = Zakiyah
  35. Mirror Mirror On The Wall
  36. Jessica is trash
  37. At least Alex is safe.
  38. BB19 Ep 1 Rankings
  39. We're Cool for the Summer
  40. I get turned on by insults.

Me when

Apr 12, 2016 by QueenRosalina
Raul ate while being a have not and gets an isolation punishment. oops. #Karma

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