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  1. come play roblox rpdr girlies
  2. wrong turn by kim petras
  3. big ben numbers
  5. Nicole is winning BB21 loves it.
  6. if u hate nicole ur a dumb fag period
  7. people think they're so funny
  8. ppl who stan Analyse r psychopaths
  9. Mastropola yet again has a fit
  10. thats literally the worst timeline
  11. eoin won period get over it faggots
  12. kemi wins bb21
  13. i can make the stars dance...
  14. Sam does my head in
  15. Bella is winning
  16. why does the challenge always have the same
  17. best backyardigans episode
  18. how do u people have the time
  19. stan zena - like it
  20. hating on taylor swift is not a personality
  21. Yvie on RPDR
  22. i cant believe people still take tg
  23. the amount of straight men
  24. to all you bitches in the HOF
  25. i want essays from these finalists
  26. the ratings of this stars
  27. Nommed for 10th in Stars (NSFW) (TEA)
  28. my thoughts on this stars
  29. the true tea...
  30. wow i got picked 4 da stars seat
  31. So glad crusty babeeidah is banned
  32. so do jury segments just not exist anymore
  33. i hope CBB is cancelled actually
  34. are we really not seeing
  35. Who tf
  36. Rockstar returns and wins
  37. thoughts on my avi girls
  38. all the women left in the game
  39. Breathin' is the best song
  40. Rockstar is my idol

Who tf

Aug 21, 2018 by QueenMichelle
is blatastic1234 lmaooo bitch log off


Also you're lovely :S
I don't know why he came for you like that :O
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Aug 21, 2018
I'm the person who said you start shit to try and stay Tengaged famous, I thought that was obvious? And I do log off, it's kinda sad that telling someone to log off Tengaged and have a life is a comeback :/
Sent by blatastic1234,Aug 21, 2018
blatastic1234 you literally attacked me when I don't even know you.. who's really the one starting shit / trying to become Tengaged famous? I mean YOURE the one who made an unnecessary blog dragging people for no reason. I couldn't give 2 shits what anyone here thinks of me, I think it's hilarious how I dont know you and you have a strong opinion of me. Stay obsessed tho
Sent by QueenMichelle,Aug 21, 2018
No we do know each other, it's just been awhile. And really? You're gonna call me out for an unnecessary blog dragging people?
I literally just looked to the left and this was there:

So don't be a hypocrite.
And if you can give 2 shits what people think of you then why were you the only one out of all those people who made a fucking blog bitching about what I said about you? Like yes, I get it, you want people to know about you. But it comes off a bit pitiful when you say stuff like "idc what people say about me." and then make a whole blog when someone actually says something about you.
Sent by blatastic1234,Aug 21, 2018

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