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  1. thats literally the worst timeline
  2. eoin won period get over it faggots
  3. kemi wins bb21
  4. i can make the stars dance...
  5. Sam does my head in
  6. Bella is winning
  7. why does the challenge always have the same
  8. best backyardigans episode
  9. how do u people have the time
  10. stan zena - like it
  11. hating on taylor swift is not a personality
  12. Yvie on RPDR
  13. i cant believe people still take tg
  14. the amount of straight men
  15. to all you bitches in the HOF
  16. i want essays from these finalists
  17. the ratings of this stars
  18. Nommed for 10th in Stars (NSFW) (TEA)
  19. my thoughts on this stars
  20. the true tea...
  21. wow i got picked 4 da stars seat
  22. So glad crusty babeeidah is banned
  23. so do jury segments just not exist anymore
  24. i hope CBB is cancelled actually
  25. are we really not seeing
  26. Who tf
  27. Rockstar returns and wins
  28. thoughts on my avi girls
  29. all the women left in the game
  30. Breathin' is the best song
  31. Rockstar is my idol
  32. filter me if you're dragging Rockstar
  33. rockstar was pushed.
  34. idk how Angela was
  35. top 10 fucks i give
  36. TG is always fighting over SOMETHING
  37. Call Out My Name
  38. Rachel looks so much like Allison
  39. I'm really sad Kaitlyn lost.
  40. is a KPG of 1 bad LOL.

I hate how

Mar 1, 2018 by QueenMichelle
annoying ass ugly gays drag lesbians on the regular. Ya'll are in the same community and ya'll scream when people are homophobic to you so don't start dragging ur own community...


what about the transphobia? smh
Sent by rosemulet,Mar 1, 2018
rosemulet That too. this blog was inspired by something i saw commented on a blog earlier. Transphobia pisses me off so much
Sent by QueenMichelle,Mar 1, 2018
QueenMichelle actually being trans it's worse then you think.
Sent by rosemulet,Mar 1, 2018
rosemulet it's not worse than i think i see how people react differently to gays than they do to trans. so many people accept gays/lesbians but not trans and thats y its harder to be trans. a lot harder. i know exactly how it sis
Sent by QueenMichelle,Mar 1, 2018
QueenMichelle thank you :( Someone gets it! It's so sad when I literally just want to be seen as a normal girl
Sent by rosemulet,Mar 1, 2018

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