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1stJan 7, 2015 by PureEssence
image[11:43:42 PM] Maz: Essy u know I love u

[12:21:42 PM] Kat: i've been replaying the song dangerous woman all day
[12:21:21 PM] Kat: i'm about to go to church and pray she wins the grammys

[7:12:10 PM] Pedro: its annoying that pureessence wont acknowledge my existence =/
[7:12:29 PM] Essence: hi petro < 3
[7:12:35 PM] Pedro: OMG!!!!!!!

[3:27:27 AM] tyler x©: HURRICANE KATRINA.
[3:27:30 AM] Kat: ?

[7:44:02 PM] Pedro: Lol, sister Ess! Thanks for taking me into consideration when you were making your makeup blog. I think you should hit up Tyra Banks because you got really got the potential to be a model girl so don't mind the haters! Sending you lot of virtual hugs, sister. XO!

[11:37:16 PM] Will: Ess and I like to make each other choke
[11:37:29 PM] Essence™: will please dont say that that can be taken in a very wrong way

[9:25:34 PM] Essence™: my streak with him reached 100 today
[9:25:44 PM] tyler ©: i had 3 reach 100 so far
[9:27:15 PM] Will: omg my streak reached 100 today too
[9:27:41 PM] Essence™: will nobody asked
[9:27:46 PM] Essence™: choke on dirt
[9:27:47 PM] Will: :(
[9:27:49 PM] Will: *chokes*

[9:54:50 PM] tyler ©: once i was in teeball and i was scared to run the bases so my mom had to run them with me

[4:28:27 AM] Eli©: yes or no
[4:28:31 AM] Essence™: no hes gross
[4:28:35 AM] Eli©: wow
[4:28:40 AM] Essence™: HES BALD ELI
[4:28:41 AM] Eli©: but its mr world wide

[2:19:36 PM] Pedro: i'm a fat fucking gross man but lets pretend i'm a pretty boss bitch girl XO"!

[5:30:48 PM] Darrius Dabest: Essence you're beautiful as FUCK btw just thought I'd tell you that
[5:30:55 PM] Darrius Dabest: #positivevibes

[10:18:28 PM] Eli©: i would've idoled you.
[10:18:34 PM] Essence™: aw really :$
[10:18:39 PM] Eli©: jk no
[10:18:43 PM] Eli©: i would've voted you

[2:08:11 AM] tyler ©: do u guys take your dishes in the bath with you and wash them to save water?:P
[2:09:11 AM] tyler ©: lol like last night I had a spaghetti dinner and the bath turned kinda red and gross but it was like a DIY bathbomb:D

[11:50:46 PM] Tyler < 3 Beyonce: Essence did you get those pants at 50% off? Cause they are 100% off at my place!

[11:03:52 AM] Kat: "Follow your heart - but take your brain with you." And if you have some empty space, bring a pack of condoms too.

[5:03:32 PM] Pedro: fuck im in love with essence dont tell eli
[5:03:42 PM] Essence™: your secret is safe with me.
[5:03:51 PM] Pedro: do you guys think katcouteau will approve of me dating essence
[5:04:00 PM] Essence™: idk he might get jealous...
[5:04:32 PM] Kat: yes petro im so glad someone is finally digging that bimbo pink haired bitch
[5:04:39 PM] Pedro: for this uni assignement we have to write about someone that changed our lives and i'm gonna write about my girlfriend essence.
[5:04:56 PM] Pedro: thanks for making me realize oreos are the only thing that matters in the world.

PureEssence - I used to dislike you back when we were in survivor together LOL, but then we made our squad and we actually started talking more, so you're now definitely one of my favorite people on this site. I think people need to chill down the obsession with you and actually get to know you as much as I have because they are definitely missing out. At the end of the day, we both know jealousy is a disease and you can't help being pretty. Anyway, I always feel comfortable when I talk to you and I'm glad we get the chance to talk everyday, so thank you.

[10:57:45 PM] Essence™: you ate all the sour keys?
[10:57:49 PM] Eli©: yes
[10:57:52 PM] Eli©: my mom said to send more
[10:57:55 PM] Essence™: LMAO

[11:53:18 PM] Pedro: wish i was a girl.
[12:04:06 AM] Essence™: wish i was your girl.
[12:04:15 AM] Pedro: always & forever.

[7:03:47 PM] Essence™: hey kat
[7:04:27 PM] Kat: hey ess
[7:04:35 PM] Essence™: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO
[7:04:58 PM] Essence™: I CANT BREATHE
[7:05:01 PM] Essence™: YOU KILL ME GAL
[7:05:10 PM] Kat: LMAOO U BAD BITCH

[10:52:29 PM] Essence™: im craving strawberries rn
[10:52:27 PM] garri3: I'm craving dick rn
[10:52:44 PM] Essence™: nice

[1:47:53 AM] Lauren :)<3: just set up a corner
[1:47:55 AM] Lauren :)<3: thats what i do
[1:47:58 AM] Lauren :)<3: when I’m not working
[1:48:02 AM] Lauren :)<3: for extra cash
[1:48:21 AM] garri3: What does that mean
[1:48:29 AM] Essence™: lauren working the corner?
[1:48:29 AM] Essence™: :O
[1:48:38 AM] Lauren :)<3: every night :o
[1:48:43 AM] Essence™: hot
[1:48:43 AM] Lauren :)<3: just taking a day off today
[1:48:47 AM] Lauren :)<3: ;]

hey guys its me eli
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Jan 25, 2017

hey guys its me tyler
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hey guys its me ess
Sent by PureEssence,Jan 25, 2017

[1:00:35 AM] Torsa: i am the holiest child
[1:00:37 AM] Torsa: in the world
[1:00:44 AM] Essence™: im holier
[1:00:54 AM] Torsa: debatable
[1:00:59 AM] Essence™: havent even kissed.
[1:01:09 AM] Torsa: you got me there
[1:01:16 AM] Essence™: or held hands.
[1:02:26 AM] Torsa: i held hands with god

[8:43:14 AM] Essence™: I'm in love with AshleyD_
[8:43:19 AM] Essence™: wait its ashley_
[8:43:20 AM] Essence™: shit
[8:43:27 AM] ashl3y: NO ITS _ASHLEY
[8:43:29 AM] Essence™: OMG

PureEssence AKA The Daughter  -  This 14 year old may seem unqualified, but her chic style and designing abilities offers a good position (not that kind of position she is a child). She will be able to create designs for me but she must be in bed by 8:30pm

[9:01:30 PM] Essence™: i would take the bullet for you.
[9:01:35 PM] Pedro: i dont wanna live if i dont get to spend my life with you.

[11:20:11 AM] Black Ben: I mean you're smarter than her she probably doesn't even know her times tables
[11:20:22 AM] Essence™: i dont either :s

[11:06:31 PM] Essence™: :o a whole team?
[11:06:41 PM] Eli©: a team? NO WAY

[12:39:15 AM] Pedro: If I had a dollar for everytime I have touched myself thinking about you, I'd be a billionaire.

[4:06:45 PM] Eli©: I just noticed all 4 of us lives in different countries
[4:06:52 PM] Essence™: woah do we
[4:07:25 PM] פדרו: yeah i live in portugal essence lives in czech republic kat lives in japan and eli lives in africa

pureessence - Couldn't have asked for a better gal for my best friend. You are a strong, amazing and wonderful individual. Keep your head up always and don't let the haters get to you hunnifer, you matter =)

[8:08:26 PM] Essence™: I JUST CHOKED ON MY POTATO
[8:08:43 PM] Mikec: Is potato what the kids call dick these days
[8:08:49 PM] Essence™: yes.
[8:09:24 PM] Essence™: y do u think eliortiz is at 27 min ago

[8:38:35 PM] Eddie -NicoleF-: don't ever be disrespectful to a queen
[8:38:38 PM] Joe✔: true
[8:38:40 PM] Joe✔: sorry essence
[8:38:48 PM] Essence™: thanks.
[8:38:49 PM] Eddie -NicoleF-: I was talking about me bitch

[9:18:20 PM] Pedro: WTF IS THIS SHIT
[10:02:57 PM] Eli©: how bad is it
[10:06:18 PM] Essence™: it looks like shit
[10:06:43 PM] Eli©: so it has a picture of you on it? LOL!

[11:24:01 PM] **********: She is looking for a lesbian lover
[11:24:31 PM] Essence™: im down if shes into underage girls
[11:25:20 PM] **********: Yeah just call her rocker917
[11:25:23 PM] **********: ILL GO HOME

You're a bad liar
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Omg I tried to make an Ariana pun but Selena sang that song not Ari please delete I'm embarrassed
Sent by ohheydudeski,Jul 9, 2017

[11:47:57 PM] father dearest: How sad, a cactus and a balloon in love. But if they want to hug, the cactus pops the balloon and kills it. What a tragic romance, for an embrace will end it all
[11:48:43 PM] father dearest: (cactuslove)(cactuslove)(cactuslove)
[11:48:47 PM] Matt FiFi: neither a balloon or cactus is capable of feeling love, making your story irrelevant

[9:17:10 PM] father dearest: Everyone go inside Olivia and hide
[9:17:16 PM] Oliviaxoxo: fab come shelter in me babes
[9:17:22 PM] father dearest: I hope it's warm inside

[9:09:29 PM] Ahmed: is essence
[9:09:31 PM] Ahmed: pureessence
[9:09:32 PM] Ahmed: from tg?
[9:09:42 PM] Essence™: no shit
[9:09:44 PM] *** Ahmed has left ***

Good luck babe. I'm sure your stunning personality will amaze them.
Sent by Petro,Jul 15, 2017

[2:25:16 AM] Essence™: its so weird
[2:25:16 AM] Tyler <3 Camila: its so weird

[12:44:06 PM] Mikec: What should I have for lunch
[12:44:26 PM] Essence™: cock
[12:45:55 PM] Mikec: Ya already had some what else
[12:46:24 PM] Mikec: I cut some lil wieners up and put em in a salad I love me some dick salad

[9:26:36 PM] Essence™: im watching my strange addictions
[9:26:48 PM] Bryce||LasVegas: I was on there one time
[9:26:56 PM] Essence™: r u the one fucking his car?
[9:26:58 PM] Bryce||LasVegas: I used to kiss my car named Charlie

[11:54:21 AM] Pedro: ugh same?
[11:54:29 AM] Pedro: even tho i havent gone to the beach since 2016..
[11:54:41 AM] Pedro: or stepped outside for that matter..

[1:57:30 AM] Crayadian: carrie ibara
[1:57:34 AM] princess leia (but better): caryanne inharbor
[1:57:34 AM] Crayadian: carrie inaba
[1:57:36 AM] tan.ner: paola
[1:57:37 AM] ash.ley: Carrieann anarbar
[1:57:48 AM] Leonel ( R€nnįhánnà ): carrieanna anarber
[1:57:54 AM] tan.ner: carrie anna narber
[1:57:56 AM] Crayadian: carrianna anharbour

[6:42:19 PM] Bryan.: where the fuck did you get that pizza from
[6:42:25 PM] Essence™: MY OVEN?

[3:23:32 AM] Essence™: tanner only removing messages i take offense to
[3:23:36 AM] Essence™: sheep
[3:23:42 AM] tan.ner: ur the only one i care about

[9:33:00 AM] Essence™: the eclipse isnt gonna be here till like
[9:33:02 AM] Essence™: 4pm for me
[9:33:05 AM] tyler: LOL
[9:33:10 AM] tyler: i thought it only is in the us
[9:33:21 AM] tyler: don't u have a different sun?

[5:48:03 PM] King Evan: ily and your fucked up time zone

[11:18:47 AM] tyler: kaya messaged me asking to plus his spam and I said no then he said I look like a lesbian

[1:29:25 AM] father dearest: why does essence sound like a 7 year olld
[1:29:28 AM] father dearest: sorry wrong person

your cheeks are fat af
Aug 27, 2017 by RoboZoe
i'm a dietetics major maybe we can chat over celery sticks to help plan out a diet to get rid of the baby fat ??

water u on about she's tiny
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2017

Well ya can't fix stupid
Aug 27, 2017 by Bridgette77
Or the fact u need internet love to get through your day to day life!

[12:16:28 AM] josh o'donnell: you have a magnificently beautiful face

PureEssence sit your nasty mouth ass down, mouth look like a fucking fist or scrambled up shit.
Sent by Badboyy2699,Sep 2, 2017

[9:00:50 PM] nick: hoping gasoline visits South Carolina soon...
[9:05:47 PM] Lauren :)<3: What’s wrong with your gas

[11:35:50 PM] Corey: cant wait to mentor ess
[11:35:53 PM] Corey: my fellow women studies major
[11:35:56 PM] dru: DONT DO IT
[11:36:00 PM] dru: she's literally smarter than u

[5:12:10 PM] Eliotwhi: Essence trying to roast me yet she looks like a celery with a burnt weave
[5:13:01 PM] ess: im cute :(
[5:13:12 PM] Eliotwhi: I like celery ;)

back in the days when we never talked i still thought you were the sweetest lil thang, you always had a solid sense of humor in our brief run-ins plus you always made nice fan comments and blogs (blush) wasn't into it at all when ppl ripped on you for no reason cuz you were nice as h*ck and i even had to say something a coupla times. FAST FORWARD TO NOW and the illusion is shattered- you're a bitch. just kitten, you're just as sweet and genuine as ever only now i also enjoy our late night talks, cheeky blog tags, questions and everything else. you're fun to talk to about anything or just bullshit around with some TG collage hot or not and goofy emojis. anyway, even tho you might not always like being the perennial good girl i hope you don't change too much cuz there's nothing you need to change. you're smart, fun, driven and you always put other people first. plus.. damn girl u grew up (smirk) hehe. seriously though, glad we've gotten closer and i've always got u whenever u need cheering up after a tough day of dealing with b*tchy english profs (fistbump) love that you're always real and never hold back in your opinions- better get an even longer one next time! u da best (´ิ ❥ ´ิ♡)-

[10:22:22 PM] t: pureessints
[10:22:31 PM] ess: eetsuhleckseeuh

PureEssence - Well aren't you just a lil angel? You may be a library-dwelling geek but you're the most genuine and fun lil prude I've ever met. The typa girl to always catch me off guard with the lengthy opinions, cute blog tags and mails, hence why you're my favorite and I give you special treatment. No matter what happens I got ur back, whether it's for a cheeky midnight chat or you need me to embarrass some loser nerds tryna pick on a lil girl on the blogs page. Can't frickin WAIT to start our YouTube channel ^_^. Seeya on Skype babe

[7:30:02 PM] dru: ur my fav virgin

[10:57:54 PM] daddy: one time i had it n woke up hallucinating that there was a big cake next to me
[10:57:57 PM] daddy: then it disappeared when i grabbed it

FighterMan 0 min
gg Ess.
one of the hardest people to get out of a game.

[6:24:54 PM] Bren: COVID-19 didn’t bring me back to tg
[6:24:58 PM] Bren: PureEssences arms did

[2:39:01 PM] Will: Ess
[2:39:03 PM] ess: yes.
[2:39:07 PM] Will: I want you to pull out your tooth
[2:39:09 PM] ess: what the fuck

u have a FAT NOSE
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ok i love you ess
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bamold smells
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Highest Rank: 516th
Winner of The Hunger Games #234
Winner of Stars Game #351
Winner of Tengaged's Next Top Model (Cycle 6)
Winner of Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol 13
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Fave MIDNIGHT snacc?
Nov 23, 2018 by BengalBoy
Mine is PureEssence
Sent by PureEssence,Nov 23, 2018
PureEssence - THIS IS GONNA BE LONG AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esskie <3 you were at a time my best friend on here and you're still THE only person ive EVER been on a call with!! (SORRY YOUVE HAD TO HEAR MY HORRIBLE ACCENT LMFAO!!!) Even tho we have been friends for ages, I swear it feels like we've been friends since you were like 7 and I was 10 LOL, but I wouldn't have it any other way :) You're like the only person on here who's drama I ever listened to and cared about because you were such a good friend and I was interested in all your stuff :) You're super funny, well liked, and a great singer and honestly one of, if not THE best user I've met in 9 years of this website :D The cookies to my milk! I hope that your life has been amazing since last time we talked and everything is going super well and great because you honestly deserve the world and more young Esskie :) Have a great night my friend! x
Sent by PureEssence,Dec 13, 2018
PureEssence - My fave lil geek. Even though your handwriting sucks without crayons, I've always appreciated the fact that you're totally open and genuine with your opinions- you show a lotta love to your friends and even when you have negative opinions on people you say it in a pure 😎 graceful 😎 way. Proud to call you my Pure Essence friend.
Sent by PureEssence,Jun 4, 2019
★☆ WINNER OF STARS #351 | 08/09/15 ☆★

➳ WINNER OF THG #234 | 04/23/15 ➳
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 14, 2020
See, I think you're honestly such a gorgeous person, not only on the outside surface, but on the inside as well. Your values and the things you hold closest to your heart are very important to me as well, such as like, feminism and stuff because I know you're very vocal about that and you have always been on this website. Every time you're around it's always typically in a positive environment, and I don't think you've ever let Tengaged change that throughout the years. Keep being you, you're destined to make a change in the world, and I hope you believe in yourself as much as everyone on here does!
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 18, 2020
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you have found the REHIDDEN idol for the SILOPO (Merge) tribe.

send me the link to claim this idol

[If i comment claimed below this, well then its.. claimed :o]
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