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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Last Night

2ndDec 16, 2021 by PrincessTeePee
Someone admitted to me that they want to come back here on a multi and they have been trying to contact mods to let them…

This person was originally banned for being inappropriate with minors and making them feel uncomfortable, and I myself remember her publicly blogging about how she would ‘stalk’ certain individuals - one of whom was about 15.

If the mods see this blog or her messages, don’t let it happen. I doubt I need to explain why. It doesn’t help that she’s about 40 by now. 🤢 brandonpinzu @cheapcheap koolness234

There IS someone else who wants to be unbanned, his reasoning for fringe banned wasn’t quite as bad as this..


That's awful
Sent by Jenna2010,Dec 16, 2021
Pls don’t let tarag back
Sent by Fetish,Dec 16, 2021
I’m with you Fetish, she got all insulty on me too as soon as I VERY REASONABLY and NICELY I MIGHT ADD called her out lol
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 16, 2021
How to come back after being permed for minor conduct: The Steps

Step 1: You don't

dont be a sex offender folks
Sent by Times_Places,Dec 16, 2021
Omg is it #TaraG?
Sent by NanoNerd,Dec 16, 2021
NanoNerd Alicia said this user was about 40 not 75, so I don't think it's TaraG
Sent by Sebbers,Dec 16, 2021
Tara also messaged me on discord as well
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Dec 16, 2021
I’m screaming at tarag
Sent by brightongal,Dec 16, 2021
Very odd
Sent by woeisme,Dec 16, 2021
She messaged salmaan as well, he doesn't even know her. Does anyone know if it actually is her or someone's bizarre idea of trolling? Because I know she is banned and why, but she left the site a year prior to the banning, I believe some people uncovered some personal information about her and that kind of ran her off.

I agree she definitely should not be allowed back. I was friendly with her, but only because I didn't follow the site that much at that time and I didn't know much about her and the things she had done. I did think she was very messy though, and I know that may sound laughable coming from me, but like...really messy and just crazy. I remember her contacting another female user's ex on Facebook and inviting him to join the site and I just thought that was really bizarre.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 16, 2021
I almost had a panic attack til I saw the comments
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Dec 16, 2021

This just happened to me
Sent by Fetish,Dec 16, 2021
Sent by MrBird,Dec 16, 2021
Sent by YasGaga,Dec 16, 2021
Sent by VanitySmurf,Dec 16, 2021
Fetish She tried to join the Stars Discord I help grandesrevenge set up, but I ***slammed*** the kick button as soon as I saw her name lol
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Dec 16, 2021
Sebbers I know nothing of this situation but all the old timey people will probably have 1 idea and 1 idea only of a lady... um, predator?
Sent by ShayyBayy,Dec 16, 2021
Don’t let them back
Sent by NoChildSupport,Dec 16, 2021
sounds like they shouldnt be back
Sent by vaultg1rl,Dec 16, 2021
That old cuntrag needs to stay where she is.
Sent by titos,Dec 17, 2021

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