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Shocked 馃槶

1stOct 1, 2018 by PrincessTeePee
#RIPJhaybiie 馃槳

Over the years we lost touch after he parted from the site, and the memories I have of him are all lovely and funny. He was such a sweet and sensitive soul, and always positive and relatable. Although young, he was someone I always admired. Everyone who knew him liked him instantly.

We were in a Stars together once, and it was one of those BIG ALLIANCE vs BIG ALLIANCE games. It was iconic and a great way to get to know him.

I鈥檝e no idea how old he was when he died, guessing early 20s. He should have had his life ahead 馃槩 May he rest in peace.


:( <\3
Sent by Blitszims,Oct 1, 2018
Sent by Matte,Oct 1, 2018
Rip to him :(
Sent by rory17,Oct 1, 2018
May he rest in peace <3
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 1, 2018
That's so sad. He was in the OC. How did you find out about this? When did it happen?
Sent by Aquamarine,Oct 1, 2018
How do you know?
Sent by BbDamian,Oct 1, 2018
RIP :(
Sent by xMountain22x,Oct 1, 2018
I remember him & his fun personality well. RIP.
Sent by _Aria,Oct 1, 2018
OMG I remember him! RIP <3
Sent by BigMamaT,Oct 1, 2018
Oh holy fuck his Facebook page says it too

I鈥檓 shocked and saddened... bye jhay
Sent by konohavillage1,Oct 2, 2018
So sad to hear for him, his family and his friends in real life and on here.

I hope you鈥檙e ok TP and everyone else is doing ok, if anyone needs someone to talk to, i am here
Sent by Eoin,Oct 2, 2018
:( That's so sad...
Sent by ZEEnon,Oct 2, 2018
I'm so sorry to hear that. I have heard of him but i don't think I ever talked to him. I will keep all of his friends and family in my thoughts and prayers.
Sent by Megan,Oct 2, 2018
Had to look up the name again, but I 100% remember him! So sad to hear, may he rest in peace
Sent by Insanity,Oct 2, 2018
A historic legend indeed.
Sent by Gaius,Oct 2, 2018
Just hearing the name pulls out a lot of memories I've long since buried deep inside. It's really unfortunate we never had the chance to talk again, let alone truly get the chance to know each other, after we both left the site. He was able to impact a lot of people in his short time on earth. Rest in Peace.
Sent by Answerable,Oct 2, 2018
:( rip
Sent by capguy1,Oct 2, 2018
+ rip
Sent by Mario23,Oct 2, 2018
What the fuck :(
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Oct 2, 2018

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