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Who Knew...

3rdJun 12, 2018 by PrincessTeePee
imageThat there were so many qualified dietitians on here...

I know that social media puts a lot of pressure on what is perceived to be the ‘perfect’ body, but some of you are genuinely worrying me. Eat well, focus on protein, don’t deny yourself the odd treat and exercise. Starving yourself with the intention of being ‘skinny’ is not nice, it can be just as dangerous as being overweight.

Love yourself.


I love your outfits, you wear them so well.
Sent by Anas,Jun 12, 2018
you are looking great TP

and again another qualified dietitian chiming in but i agree with everything except "focus on protein", i think the western world focuses on it far too much
Sent by blogs,Jun 12, 2018
Sent by Lemjam6,Jun 12, 2018
Blogs that may be a point. It’s beneficial in the gym world though but I do get that.

In no way can people skip lunch? Im usually gagging for it come 12 LOOL
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 12, 2018
Blogs I agree, it's become a long time myth we can't survive without meat when every scientific study has proven otherwise. Not to undermine people who like to eat it but that reason isn't valid
Sent by Anas,Jun 12, 2018
And anas thanks! I posted my name btw as I’m intrigued!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 12, 2018
I agree.  If I weigh even 143 pounds, my bones start to show, so I have to try and stay in the 160-190 range for my height.

The only really extreme thing I do is power walk 8 miles for 2 hours on Sunday nights, but that's just to get home at a time that isn't past midnight.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jun 12, 2018
Icarus_Mark power walking is good! Wish I had the time to do more of it lol.
I’m 5’2” so weight shows on me sadly LOL, but I know what to do and not to do to keep at a semi healthy weight :)
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 12, 2018
my philosophy is train hard then eat whatever the f*ck i want
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 12, 2018
i think girls have a harder time when it comes to diet, and not just cos of "body goals" or whatever, i think it's a hormonal thing, my female friends that i travelled with had to eat like every couple of hours, me and my male friends can go the whole day without eating, not purposefully, but sometimes it happened haha
Sent by blogs,Jun 12, 2018
blogs yeah our hormones do screw us over at times. I feel like being very ‘used’ to eating at certain times of the day is a factor too.

TMI IK but there are certain times of the month we need. our. food. More so than others 😝
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 12, 2018
wow you look amazing!
Sent by nikki101,Jun 12, 2018
I should add this picture was taken last summer LOL I’ve gained about 10lbs since LOL. Ngl I love food!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 12, 2018
Tp you look great <3
I agree! I think if you are eating good and healthy foods for the most part, and the odd treat, you don’t need to count calories, if you’re exercising too of course
Sent by Blitszims,Jun 12, 2018
I’m a vegetarian so I make an effort to try and get extra protein since joining a gym.
Sent by Blitszims,Jun 12, 2018
Yes, queen of health!!
Sent by Ari_,Jun 12, 2018
Slay Alicia
Sent by Roshy,Jun 12, 2018
I get what you are saying anas blogs but protein is important and essential (but can be overdone). However you don’t have to eat meat to get protein, so the “you can’t be healthy without eating meat” thing is obviously wrong, like you said.
Sent by GiGi10,Jun 12, 2018
"Being ‘skinny’ is not nice or sexy" People complain about fat shaming when skinny shaming is much as worse.. Being healthy is what matters at the end of the day. Not all people share same metabolism.
Sent by CutieAmy,Jun 12, 2018
Gigi10 , i mean i don't even think about protein, it's in pretty much everything , i really struggle to see how someone doesn't meet their daily protein intake
Sent by blogs,Jun 13, 2018
Body shape legend
Sent by Katherinee_,Jun 13, 2018
CutieAmy I get that, every body is different. But these people putting themselves at risk, their bodies, diets, lifestyles, for the goal of being ‘skinny’ worrying.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 13, 2018
PrincessTeePee how you gonna show off the hourglass while also trying to boost people's self esteem. I am triggered. Now all I can think about is what kinda hot sounds a Brit chick would make in the bedroom
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jun 13, 2018
JayElVeeisback ;) hahaha!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 13, 2018
Sent by RoboZoe,Jun 13, 2018
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Jun 13, 2018
Looking good T
Sent by ak73,Jun 13, 2018
Jenzie could never
Sent by Danger,Jun 13, 2018
me @ still giving dietician advice in the blog

But you're def looking great!
Sent by Akora,Jun 13, 2018

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