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Poor Shannon 🙁

2ndFeb 17, 2018 by PrincessTeePee
I hope Marissa goes home soon, the skanky bitch. Wouldn’t need an enemy if I had a ‘friend’ like her lol..
I’m happy with the new HOH 🙂 #cbbus

Edit 1: I didn’t think this would be a top blog???? lol.
Edit 2: yes I’m aware it’s a game but STILL!


yeah I was rooting for Shannon and felt she got screwed with this cast!

Very happy with the hoh though :D
Sent by M2thamax,Feb 17, 2018
i cannot believe omarosa won hoh, lol (happy as well) metta and her should be safe this week
i think james, ross or marissa are in trouble this week.
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 17, 2018
I dont like her either
Sent by Codyy,Feb 17, 2018
I hate Marissa and Ross
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 17, 2018
agree :(
i'm interested on Omarosa's nominees XD
Sent by chris2pei,Feb 17, 2018
So now I guess I know who hoh is :( wish people in comments didn’t spoil things

I’m sad Shannon left too. I was hoping she’d get her miracle and they’d backdoor Omarosa. Can’t stand Omarosa so it’s too bad she can’t nom and evict herself this week.
Sent by k4r4k,Feb 17, 2018
I hate Marissa and Ross
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 17, 2018

Sent by RedFabFoxy,Feb 17, 2018
It's not like their extremely close shannon lives in fucking south africa
Sent by adeleadele,Feb 17, 2018
i agree yesss !!
Sent by Renny10,Feb 17, 2018

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