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9.2.09-9.2.17 ~ 8 Years WTF?!

1stFeb 8, 2017 by PrincessTeePee
imageEIGHT years HERE, am I serious? I must be nuts! And LOL, the picture looks like it says 'rooks'... ironic!

I don't play a great deal these days if I'm honest, in fact every game I've joined in the past few months, I've been asked in! Charities and the like. I've gotten lazy and old I think! If you don't take this place and all it has too seriously, then it's a good platform to relax and unwind after a stressful period IRL, even now with all the changes. Although I don't think all the changes here over the past 18 months have been for the great, the potential is still there to meet some amazing people who will still impact your online life on a great way. Multis and cheats won't take that away from the site. :)

Sometimes I do miss the old days. Being a noob, learning games for the first time, making first friends and memories. During my last Stars in October [which WILL be my last!], I spent time looking over old blogs made by myself and others... oh the memories! If anyone has grand memories of me, share them here!:)

Of course I want to thank everyone who in some way or another made this place great enough for me to never 'leave'. Many have gone, but they won't be forgotten. My lovely first friend Alegeeter who I miss loads:O, Computer3000, BlueStar, Oleary91, Blitszims, Harley, Bluesapphire, Manda17_xoxo, vindaloo, Istvan, axkxaxbatman Plus so many more! If you've been a part of my time here as friends, allies, rivals, enemies, whatever, it's probably meant a lot to me at some point so thank you so much! Gimme a shout if you want a tag ;) shoutout to #TSCfam also!

Hosting an 8-year crooks in a few days, let me know if you want to join. It would normally be frookies BUT.. my laptop is broke. A pain, I can't yet wear my new designs :( I'm not good with technical wifi/router shiz!

For own ref but read if you wish :P

2010 ~ [LONG!]
2011 ~ [longish soz]
2012 ~ [long with a load of tags, as they were new-ish at that point.. well, about 3 months old anyway.]
2013 ~ [yay not too long!]
2014 ~
2015 ~
2016 ~

PS PS... I've still not won hunger or had a shop... help me please?!?!


< 3
Sent by _Aria,Feb 8, 2017
Sent by Dreamdoll,Feb 8, 2017
+15 queen
Sent by Tigger,Feb 8, 2017
Wouldn't be the same without you TP! Grats
Sent by Nattie,Feb 8, 2017
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 8, 2017
aww congrats hun < 3
Sent by Blitszims,Feb 8, 2017
I have never known you well, but have seen you around in my tenure (the generation after yours but not the current one).

I just wanna say that you're a trooper for typing all this on a phone LOL
Sent by KrisStory,Feb 8, 2017
Grats Alicia
Sent by bluesapphire,Feb 8, 2017
:) grats < 3
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Feb 8, 2017
omggg.. congrats! those blogs though < 3
Sent by acyuta,Feb 8, 2017
I remember you because I joined Tengaged almost 8 years ago too. I joined at the end of February 2009. I don't think we have really talked that much, but I do remember being in a few rookies games with you along time ago like in 2009 and 2010. And I still remember that stars game that i was in with you where I got nominated like 5 times lol.
Sent by Megan,Feb 9, 2017
+12 and congrats! You seem so nice :)
Sent by M2thamax,Feb 9, 2017
luv u alicia
Sent by tyboy618,Feb 9, 2017
Aw congrats :)
Sent by rosemulet,Feb 9, 2017
< 33 hope you have another wonderful year
Sent by k4r4k,Feb 9, 2017
Hey girl! Congrats!
Sent by Katherinee_,Feb 9, 2017
congrats tp, how time flies!!
Sent by bibbles,Feb 9, 2017
Sent by GentlemanG,Feb 9, 2017
yep it's been that long..wowsers
Sent by onemanarmy,Feb 9, 2017
Grats pee pee xo
Sent by Ari_,Feb 9, 2017
Icon ❤️
Sent by Lazeric,Feb 9, 2017
Yasss queen
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Feb 9, 2017
Grats girl!
Sent by babiicakes,Feb 9, 2017
congrats *-*
Sent by Vasquis,Feb 9, 2017
wow it's been forever...

i don't play anymore but if you need someone to play in your 8 year game, i would! i haven't played a game for a year lol
Sent by supergoten,Feb 9, 2017
OMG CONGRATS princessteepee
Sent by oleary91,Feb 9, 2017
LOL mental
we joined about the same time
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 9, 2017
Congrats to you Alicia, I feel like i lowkey always check if you're still active when I come back to this site because you're one of the only people I still recognize. Hope you're doing well :')
Sent by Quackerz,Feb 9, 2017
Sent by fuckfacehasrisen,Feb 9, 2017
I hit 7 a few months ago!
I still remember you from when I was a noob lmfao, you've been a queen ever since!
Grats sister xoxo
Sent by peace123,Feb 9, 2017
Congrats PrincessTeePee! I love your blogs during the (C)BBUK season and that you route for whoever you picked on launch night throughout! Hope for another 8 ;)
Sent by Anas,Feb 9, 2017
I'll help
Sent by jsylvia76,Feb 9, 2017

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