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Survivor S40 Power Rankings (Top 14 + 6 EoE)

Mar 18, 2020 by PowerRankings101
imageThe biggest legend of the game was sent home. Now what? Oh…two tribes are going to tribal, and two people are being voted out. This is going to be a wild episode, as only a few people are going to be safe depending on who wins immunity. I hope we have enough time to spend with each tribe, considering we also have Amber and Rob’s reunion on Edge of Extinction to get to. It’s times like these where I wish we had two hours for this episode. Oh well. Let’s see where these contestants rank after the tribe swap and headed into a double elimination.

14. Adam Klein- For these bottom three, I’m going to put one person from each tribe who I think is in the MOST danger. As for the new Yara tribe, there are only four people to choose from, and two of them (Sarah and Sophie) are really tight. This leaves Adam and Ben, who should work together, but considering Sarah can steal a vote, they’d be smart to just try to turn on each other and try to get the girls’ votes. Between Adam and Ben, I think the girls will likely side with Ben. He had more numbers on original Sele, and Adam just seems like the more scheming, deceiving player. He helped get Rob out, which is a victory in itself, and I think this is where his arc may come to an end.

13. Parvati Shallow- Parvati is in a really unfortunate position. She and Michele were swapped to a tribe where they are outnumbered by three guys, and between her and Michele, it’s clear that Parv is a much bigger threat. It breaks my heart because Parvati is one of my top three all time players, and it hurts that an unlucky tribe swap may take her out. My only hope is that she uses the fire tokens both Ethan and Rob sent her to get an advantage. I just think there’s a lot working against Parv right now, so while she’s not out for sure, I think it’s safest to put her down here.

12. Tony Vlachos- Lucky for Tony, his tribe is probably the strongest. Even with Sandra on the tribe, Sandra will most likely sit out AND she’s good in puzzles anyway. Unfortunately for Tony, if his tribe DOES lose, he’s the ONLY person without an advantage. Jeremy can leave tribal council with safety if he wants to opt out of voting, Denise and Kim have idols, and Sandra has an idol that MUST be played at the next tribal she attends. I pray to the heavens that Dakal wins immunity, or Tony may end up being the next Cirie (remember when she went home in Game Changers because everyone else had immunity?). The only saving grace would be if Sandra, Kim, or Denise gave their idol to Tony, but they’re all smart enough not to do that. Tony better fight hard in that immunity challenge.

11. Wendell Holland- If Parvati is able to sway someone to her side, it’ll be Yul. She played with Yul on Cook Islands and Yul is someone who clearly respects Parvati as a player, going as far as saying that she’s his wife’s favorite player. If she is able to swing Yul, I could see them targeting Wendell. Michele made it clear that her and Wendell aren’t on the best terms, and the edit clearly makes it seem like we’re supposed to root for Michele. The edit just doesn’t support much love for Wendell, as much as I love him and think many others love him too. I could see it spinning in Wendell’s direction.

10. Ben Driebergen- Like I said with Adam, the girls (Sophie, Sarah) are going to dictate how that tribal goes, and if Adam sways them, Ben could go home. I don’t think this will happen, but with a tribe of 4 people, everyone is pretty vulnerable, and there’s not much room to hide.

9. Nick Wilson- If for some reason Michele and Wendell decide to work together instead of against each other, and Yul and Parvati rekindle their Cook Islands bond, Nick could be sent home by default. But I really think Nick isn’t on many people’s radar, and the only time he was prior to this episode was because he failed in the challenge. I’d love to see the girls turn the tides on the boys on the new Sele tribe, but it may be difficult if those boys are as tight as they seem.

8. Michele Fitzgerald- Michele and Wendell may have some unresolved business, and Michele could end up targeting him as a result. She just has to make sure she doesn’t rock the boat too much, as she is still in the minority of the tribe. I somehow still think she’ll be safe as she has a REALLY good edit, and she has a shield in Parvati who will ALWAYS be a bigger target than her. I’m not too worried of Michele’s chances despite being in the minority.

7. Yul Kwon- Yul seems to be safe no matter what happens on Sele. Parvati will likely try to sway him, and Wendell and Nick already trust him. It would have to take an idol or some crazy betrayal from Nick or Wendell to send Yul packing. I just think Yul is the guy everyone will try to work with, and is probably safest on the Sele tribe.

6. Sophie Clarke- Sophie didn’t do great on the puzzle, but she did make up for it by getting Sarah on board to go after Rob and then somehow convincing the boys to flip too. We didn’t see the conversation where Ben and Adam flipped, but I imagine both Sophie and Sarah had a big influence on that. 

5. Sarah Lacina- Sarah and Sophie pretty much both dictated the vote last week, though Sarah has the advantage up her sleeve, and seems to be better in challenges overall. I like Sarah’s chances and hopefully Tony can survive until the merge so we can see Cops R Us reconnect.

4. Jeremy Collins- Jeremy has the ability to leave tribal council with safety should he feel nervous. However, if Jeremy doesn’t play it and Sandra, Kim, and Denise all play their idols, it’ll be between Tony and Jeremy. This is my only worry for Jeremy, but Jeremy is so socially aware, I’m not terribly worried for him.

3. Sandra Diaz-Twine- If Sandra’s tribe loses, she HAS to play her idol. The only thing keeping her from the top spot is that she will most likely be the target if Kim flips to join Jeremy and Denise, and while I think Sandra is definitely safe this week, I can’t see her being in an amazing position AFTER she plays the idol. Sandra could play it for someone else, but I really think she’s smart enough to know not to do that. With the numbers on her tribe low (5), there’s always a possibility some crazy thing may happen that could screw with her plans, but I truly believe Sandra will live to see another day.

2. Denise Stapley- Denise has that idol in her back pocket, and it seems like her and Jeremy are doing a good job convincing Kim to come to them. I just don’t see how Denise ever becomes the target on that side. I truly think she’ll make the merge, and if she can hold on to her idol longer, she’ll be in a really great position.

1. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe- Kim is in the best position this episode. First and foremost, she’s on a dominant tribe with Tony, Jeremy, and Denise (three MUSCULAR humans) and Sandra, who’s really good at puzzles. The odds of losing are low already. Even if they lose, Sandra and Tony need her vote and Denise and Jeremy need her vote too. She’s the swing, which is an amazing position to be in. Third, she has an idol. Kim has maneuvered her way back, and we could see her dominate like she always intended to.

Kim, Denise, and Sandra all have idols, but idols have been misplayed before. It really will be interesting if that tribe loses, because Tony is the only one without advantages. THAT being said, Dakal seems to be the tribe to beat, so I think they’ll avoid tribal altogether. On Yara, I think the girls will pull in Ben to get out Adam. It’s pretty clear cut. As for Sele, this is where it gets interesting. Parv may be able to sway Yul to get out Wendell or Nick, but I truly have a bad gut feeling that it’s the end of the road for Parvati. She has played three times, and has only been voted out once (she won her second time around, and came in 2nd place her third time). It’ll be a huge move to get rid of her, and does not reflect on her ability as a player. She’s a great competitor and I hope she can survive the night.


Going Home 1st- Adam Klein

Going Home 2nd- Parvati Shallow   


And now for the EXTINCTION ISLAND rankings:

6. Amber Mariano- Amber now has Rob to help her out on Extinction, but I think right now, neither of them will win their way back, and will just enjoy being on an island together. Congrats on your second honeymoon Amber and Rob!

5. Ethan Zohn- Ethan probably won’t win any challenges to come back, but it’ll be nice to see his Boston Rob bromance back in action. Could there be a competition between Tyson and Ethan for the title of Rob’s best friend?

4. Rob Mariano- Rob is good in challenges, but his performances haven’t been as good as his past seasons. I really think his time on this season is over, and it’ll be nice to see Amber and Rob reunited and on an island together. Maybe some Tyson and Rob shenanigans too.

3. Danni Boatwright- I think Danni could do well in a challenge, but Tyson and Natalie just seem like much better challenge competitors, so we’ll have to see.

2. Tyson Apostol- Tyson didn’t get ANY content last week when he arrived on Extinction. This has me a bit worried for his odds to come back. He’s the only person who didn’t get any air time on the episode after his boot episode. Even if he wins a challenge to come back, I think his chances at winning are slimmer and slimmer.

1. Natalie Anderson- She’s got a bank full of fire tokens and she’ll be able to get her head in the game while Tyson, Rob, Amber, and Ethan have a big ol’ friendly party out on Extinction Island. I think Natalie will get back into the game, it’s just a matter of how and when.


Quitting- None

Staying on Extinction Island- Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, Tyson, and Rob




1. Kim (+9)
2. Denise (+3)
3. Sandra (-2)
4. Jeremy (-2)
5. Sarah (+4)
6. Sophie (-3)
7. Yul (+5)
8. Michele (-4)
9. Nick (-1)
10. Ben (-4)
11. Wendell (+2)
12. Tony (-5)
13. Parvati (+1)
14. Adam (-3)

Biggest Rise: Kim (+9)
Biggest Drop: Tony (-5)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Mar 18, 2020
I love how you base whos going on on the leaked elimination chart. Gotta love it
Sent by FireX,Mar 18, 2020
FireX I try to dodge those as much as I can, because A) there are so many boot lists anyway, and B) TRUE survivor fans wouldn't stoop so low as reading spoilers because it takes the fun out of it. I really don't see a scenario where one of my three bottom listed people go home. As much as I want to believe someone like Parvati could be safe, I just don't see how she makes it work, if you had read my blurb about her. I'd love to be wrong. Please don't just accuse without privately messaging me first. I have done these lists for years and take them very seriously. Especially in these negative times, it would help to be a bit more positive and loving. I am sorry if my predictions match up with some spoilers out there, but I just put people in the minority without advantages in the bottom and people with idols and advantages at the top. It was simple as that. I hope you can see that, and who knows...if Kim and Sarah go home tonight, we can have a great laugh about it! -PR
Sent by PowerRankings101,Mar 18, 2020

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