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Survivor S40 Power Rankings (Top 15 + 5 EoE)

Mar 11, 2020 by PowerRankings101
imageWell, we saw one of the most powerful moments of any season when Ethan, a Survivor in more ways than one, finish the hard task of climbing that mountain twenty times. It was a hard task, and for only one fire token? In the actual game, we saw some sneaky gameplay from Tyson which backfire in his elimination (RIP to my pre-season winner pick—extinction island pending). With a tribe swap coming, I really have no clue how the dynamics will shape up. Some people will benefit off of a tribe swap. Some will get screwed over by it. Some will remain in the same position they’ve been in. So let’s take a look.

15. Rob Mariano- Rob has had one of the most impressive pre-merges for someone who is as big of a threat as he is. But here’s the thing with Rob…. as good as he is in challenges, and as much of a shield as he is, I just don’t think he’ll have much room to hide on a smaller tribe with some new people. His only real ally is Parvati, as both Amber and Tyson are on extinction, and Sandra seems to not trust him anymore. I think, should Rob end up on a tribe with someone like Sandra or Tony, they’ll be able to see through the bullying, fear tactics, and Rob’s game will finally be on the line in a major way this week. Rob can of course win a challenge, but it takes a team, not one person, and should his tribe lose, I think Rob is the one and only person who can go home, as nobody in their right mind would risk bringing him into the merge where individual immunities make up a big part of the game.

14. Parvati Shallow- Like Rob, I just think the target shields are running out. Tyson going home proved that a big player can and should be taken out of the game. The next biggest players? Rob, Sandra, Parv. Sandra has an idol, which means Parvati is probably the most threatening female out there, and that’s not a good thing to be going into a tribe swap.

13. Wendell Holland- There’s a popular MTV show “Ex on the Beach” and it looks like we’ll see Michele and Wendell take on this challenge this week. The two dated. We don’t know the extent of the relationship but Michele has a hilarious confessional in the preview about her ex-boyfriend being on the island with her. It’s safe to say they’ll be on the same tribe, and considering Michele has been a much more vocal presence this season, I can’t help but worry for Wendell if this past history comes back to bite one of them.

12. Yul Kwon- Yul has made a really solid core group...but what happens if he ends up on a tribe with only one of his allies, or NONE! Yul has the most potential to be swap-screwed, as he was probably in the best position in terms of numbers heading into it. I hope he can figure it out, because everyone knows how smart he is and could likely take him out so he doesn’t get close to the merge.

11. Adam Klein- This swap will help Adam. Adam’s apology tour didn’t seem to really help or change anyone’s mind. He needs fresh faces, new people, and a clean slate. Unfortunately, I still think he’s expendable, as he tries really hard out the gate. I will give him props for helping Sele win that comeback though. While Rob and Michele were on the puzzle, it was Adam who jumped and got the keys, and he had a sweet confessional about his mother to follow. I think Adam sticks it out this week and lives on for another day.

10. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe- Of anyone on this cast, Kim benefits the most from a tribe swap. She wasn’t wronging anyone on her last tribe, but they still all put her and Tyson on the outs. If Kim can get on a tribe with someone like Michele, Denise, or even Parvati, she might be able to strike up a real bond and I see her game taking a turn for the better this week.

9. Sarah Lacina- Sarah has a steal a vote, which should keep her safe. My only worry for Sarah is that she was pointed out by many of the cast as the person people wanted out right away. While the Dakal people seem to really like Sarah’s newer, social approach, if the Sele  meets some of these Sele members, they may see the old reputation of Sarah from Game Changers. She was able to minimize her target out the gate this season, so let’s hope she can do it with a few new faces.

8. Nick Wilson- Nick had his name thrown out because he screwed up the challenge. I guess we sometimes forget that Old School Survivor was heavily based on the principle of voting out the weak rather than playing strategically. But Nick made it happen, played the “Aw shucks” puppy dog role, and it worked! Nick has a fire token now, and has a proven core of people that were loyal to him. Throwing the vote at Kim was also smart, because had Tyson had an idol, it would’ve forced a tie between Nick and Kim rather than Nick being eliminated with one vote. Nick is playing smart, and I love to see it!

7. Tony Vlachos- Tony would normally have to watch his back during a swap. He’s a huge threat. But with Rob, Parv, and Sandra in the game, Tony is not the biggest threat around, and it seems like people are really thriving off of Tony’s playful energy out on the island. I think Tony is going to go much further than anyone expected, and he’ll continue to do well in the tribe swap.

6. Ben Driebergen- Ben has been able to breathe and relax, and it’s putting him in a good position socially. In season 35, Ben’s game became much stronger with the swap, and his true close bonds were made there. Ben will likely be able to benefit from this swap too, as he’s already going in with some solid alliance members. 

5. Denise Stapley- Denise has an idol. Denise has the ability to make genuine, tight relationships. Denise’s track record for tribal immunity wins is much better this season than previous. She should be fine in this swap.

4. Michele Fitzgerald- Michele has gotten an overwhelmingly positive edit, so much so that she was featured on the preview for next week as a major key to the game. She is doing a great job making bonds. Even people she isn’t working with, like Rob, she is making a bond with. I don’t see anyone targeting Michele, and even if the Wendell-Michele history comes into play, Michele seems to have the people (and edit) to prevail.

3. Sophie Clarke- Since Sophie has been hiding behind her shield in Yul, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if she doesn’t have Yul there. I don’t see her having much trouble making new allies, and using bigger threats to hide behind. Plus, she holds a lot of power in that she has half of Kim’s idol as well. She’s safe.

2. Jeremy Collins- Jeremy and Sandra are the only two guaranteed to survive the night. Sandra’s idol can only be played one more time and Jeremy has a “get out of tribal council free” card that he can use if he feels unsafe. Jeremy is able to read people super well. When Natalie was being voted out, he was blindsided, but was still able to suspect that something bad was going to happen. Because of this, I think Jeremy will be able to read when it’s his time, and be able to opt out of tribal council accordingly. He’s been at the top of the rankings for some time, and I expect him to stay here as long as his advantage doesn’t expire.

1. Sandra Diaz-Twine- Sandra’s getting a top spot in an All-Winners season power ranking? Oh you bet. She has an idol, and this is the last week she can use it. I also just think she has a lot of support since she seems to be close with Tony and Sarah, and has been seemingly getting along with Yul, Sophie, Nick, and Wendell as well. She’s doing much better than anyone could have imagined, and still likely won’t last too much longer after she plays her idol. But I have to give credit where credit is due and she’s been doing a remarkable job of hanging in there week after week. She got out Tyson, who was targeting her, and her momentum is at a high right now.  Honored to give the greatest winner of all time the top spot.

The swap is bound to put spotlights on the big targets. Parvati. Rob. Sandra. Lucky for both Sandra and Jeremy, they have guaranteed immunity when they want it, and both are smart enough to play their advantages. I suspect that whichever tribe of Rob and Parv lose, that person will go home. If both of them win immunity, then we may see one of the season’s bigger voices like Yul go home, or see someone with a smaller edit be sacrificed by Wendell.


Going Home- Boston Rob Mariano 


And now for the EXTINCTION ISLAND rankings:

5. Amber Mariano- Amber had emotional moments this week, but think about the people she’s around. Tyson and Ethan, two physically fit guys who have won immunities in the past, Natalie, a literal crossfit athlete, and Danni, who won lots of immunities her season. Amber just doesn’t seem like she’ll beat any of these people in a challenge, especially since Natalie has those fire tokens piling up.

4. Danni Boatwright- Danni seems to be getting good content, but the least content of anyone on the island. She is still one of the least likely people to get back from extinction.

3. Tyson Apostol- Tyson can win a challenge, and may do so. I put him right dab in the middle, because he has no tokens, but also isn’t the weakest one out there. Interested to see how he and Amber get along, as Rob is one of his good friends. My pre-season winner pick. It was a short, but nice journey. Now let’s hope you can get back in the game.

2. Natalie Anderson- Fire token after fire token after fire token. Her piggy bank is full, and she’s the strongest one here. While I had to give Ethan the top spot, I think Natalie has the best chance of coming back.

1. Ethan Zohn- Ethan gets the top spot here just because his moment was so powerful. Does Ethan have a real shot of getting back? Probably not. But if I have the opportunity to put Sandra at the top of a power ranking and Ethan on the top of an Extinction Island ranking, I will take the opportunity to do so.


Quitting- None

Staying on Extinction Island- Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, and Tyson



Her idol is expired....
Sent by FireX,Mar 11, 2020
Her idol been expired
Sent by Russell11,Mar 11, 2020
firex russell11 first 3 tribals shes went to shes only went to two
Sent by lionsden121,Mar 12, 2020

1. Sandra (+2)
2. Jeremy —
3. Sophie (+1)
4. Michele (-3)
5. Denise (+3)
6. Ben (+1)
7. Tony (-1)
8. Nick (+3)
9. Sarah (-4)
10. Kim (+2)
11. Adam (+4)
12. Yul (-3)
13. Wendell (-3)
14. Parvati (-1)
15. Rob (+1)

Biggest Rise: Adam (+4)
Biggest Drop: Sarah (-4)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Mar 12, 2020
FireX Russell11 Her idol is valid for three tribals that SHE attends. Amber, Tyson's boots were the only two tribals she was a part of. She can use her idol at the next tribal she attends and then it expires
Sent by PowerRankings101,Mar 12, 2020

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