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Survivor S40 Power Rankings (Top 17 + 3 EoE)

Feb 26, 2020 by PowerRankings101
imageTwo episodes in, and this season is already cementing itself as a legendary one. In this episode, we saw the aftermath of Amber’s boot, with Rob failing to get it together for the puzzle, Ben causing more paranoia within the camp, and Danni sinking her own ship by targeting Parvati for no reason. And in a Survivor first, we saw the entirety of the tribe dump their bags out at tribal council, thanks to Big Bad Boston Rob and his persuasion. Rob has always been a villain of the game, and this was no exception. We also saw Denise and Kim find idols, share it with Adam and Sophie, Jeremy got an advantage from Natalie, and Denise got gifted a fire token from Danni. Let’s rank the top 17 now that there are idols, advantage, and tokens aplenty.

17. Ben Driebergen- Ben just strikes me as someone who can’t last long in this season. He’s a loose cannon, and outed Parvati, Rob, and Ethan as the outsiders of the tribe at tribal council, leading them all to know they were on the outs. This will either help the tribe unite against the old schoolers, or Rob can use this info to turn it on the new schoolers, Ben specifically. There’s a case to be made that Rob and Parvati may want to use Ben as a way to gain information, but considering how early on in the game it is, it may be too risky to keep someone like Ben around. There are thirty-something days left, and that’s a lot of time for Ben to spoil the plans. I could see the entire tribe turning and voting Ben out, almost like Danni, who unanimously sunk her own ship. Ben’s ship has hit the iceberg, and is close to sunk the more he speaks and spills paranoia.

16. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe- Last week I said, “poor Kim.” At the beginning of this episode, I would’ve said “YAY KIM” for finding that idol. But sharing it with Sophie was a bad idea, because Sophie has no intention of upholding the bargain. Kim thought it was her best interest, but in reality, she and Tyson are clearly on the outs of the tribe, and should her tribe lose, it will be heartbreaking to see Kim get the boot, especially since Sophie has the other half, and has no intention of sharing it with Kim.

15. Tyson Apostol- The preview shows Tyson targeting Sandra, and Sandra being PRETTY upset about it. Sandra has an idol, and if this “poker alliance” threat still stands, Kim and Tyson are clearly on the outs. It’s bad news for them. Tyson seems to be more adaptable and willing to flip, but keeping someone like that is also risky, as he could flip on you at any point. Tyson and Kim have very different gameplay styles, but Tyson has played from the bottom before, whereas Kim hasn’t, so I give a slight edge for Tyson staying, but not by much.

14. Ethan Zohn- Ethan is amazing, and I love seeing him adapt to the new-school style of gameplay. But he’s in a trio that has been exposed by Danni, and with Danni gone, the target shifts to himself, Rob, and Parv. I think each of them has reasons to be targeted, and unfortunately, Ethan may be the most prone to elimination. He’s the safest boot of the three. He’s the least likely to have an advantage or idol. And it’s much less risky targeting Ethan over Rob or Parv, because Ethan is less defensive and not as much of a threatening presence. I do think it’s a no brainier that Parvati and Rob should go before Ethan, but looking at it from the perspective of the new schoolers, Ethan may be the safe vote.

13. Rob Mariano- Rob is using his villainous tactics yet again, playing the godfather role and basically controlling his entire tribe. But I think after this past episode, where he had everyone dumping out their bags, and calling out Ben in front of the whole tribal for his paranoia, I think people are catching onto the fact that he is trouble and he may have to go sooner rather than later. I think Rob is still going to survive the night, because he somehow finds a way to make it happen (and Amber may gift him something from Extinction Island), but I do not know how much longer he’ll be able to pull it off. Getting rid of Danni was a good move because Danni was wish washy and willing to flip on his ally Parvati. But now the Old Schoolers on the Sele tribe are down to three, and between Parvati, Ethan, and himself, he’s the most threatening.

12. Parvati Shallow- Parvati’s name came up last week, and Adam, Denise, Jeremy, and Michele had the opportunity to flip the script on her. The thing is…they didn’t. I really think Parvati is a good shield to have, because while she is a dominant, threatening presence, she is not in complete control, and is obviously making good social bonds, as Denise almost gifted her half an idol. I think Parvati is always going to be a target, but might be the safest of the three Old Schoolers, especially given Danni’s departure.

11. Tony Vlachos- Tony building a ladder may have gotten Tony pre-maturely booted from the game if he had fallen. But since he didn’t fall, he survives another day, and as crazy as he may be, he’s using his wild antics to entertain the tribe. Who wouldn’t wanna keep around a guy who provides solid entertainment on the island? He’s gonna pick up a shark next episode, and I can’t wait. Tony is playing his most social, likable game yet, and isn’t going crazy strategizing, and I think it’s a great turn around for a player as threatening as Tony.

10. Sarah Lacina- Cops R Us is back. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to bite her again. Tony would be smart not to stir things up this early, but down the line, Sarah has to remember that a day one alliance rarely holds through the entire season. Sarah is fine for now, especially given she’s shielded by Sandra and Tony, two of the biggest threats of the season. But she needs to keep one eye open.

9. Nick Wilson- Nick wasn’t visible on this episode, but he’ll be a part of the big shark scene next week. That’s enough to keep him in the top ten of the rankings.

8. Michele Fitzgerald- Michele was shown to be involved in important conversations. My only worry is that she isn’t getting any content, like Nick, so I don’t know how likely it is that she’ll take it all in the end. But getting rid of Michele would be a wasted opportunity and I think even Michele knows that she isn’t in any imminent danger.

7. Denise Stapley- Denise was the woman of the hour last episode, getting an idol, and getting a fire token from Danni. Adam seems to be the brains behind the alliance, but Denise’s social game is once again shining through. I just don’t see a reason to boot Denise, especially with people threatening like Rob, Parvati, Ben, Jeremy, and social threat Ethan on the tribe. She should be safe, especially given she has Adam’s brain working alongside her.

6. Wendell Holland- Wendell is playing exactly the right kind of game he needs to. He’s making bonds and relationships, doing great work around camp, and isn’t sticking out as too much of a threat. He’s fine.

5. Yul Kwon- Yul’s breadfruit method was much safer than Tony’s. And so is his gameplay. We didn’t see too much from Yul last episode, but we know he’s in an amazing position and I don’t see that changing, especially since Dakal has been great in challenges.

4. Adam Klein- Adam has been the star of the season for me so far. He was able to sway Denise away from giving the other half of the idol to Parvati, and he was the only one with guts to stand up to Rob and object dumping out his bag at tribal. Granted, he did, and he and Denise got away with hiding the fact that they had idols. But I think this fire from Adam is going to ignite something within this new school group, and I really see the tides turning. He is very socially aware, like when he acknowledged that Ben knowing a plan was bad news, and seems to be savvy enough to know when to keep his mouth shut, as he did with his first tribal council. Keep in mind, he is the one who got the tribe to boot Natalie in episode one, or at least he was the first one to drop the name. Adam wants to win, he’s got his eyes on the prize, and if enough people get behind him, he can make a big move on Parvati, Rob, or Ethan, and worst case scenario, he can just get everyone to boot Ben, which I’m sure some people will get behind.

3. Sandra Diaz-Twine- Sandra has that idol, and I just can’t fathom her being voted out with an idol in her pocket. It doesn’t look like there will be a tribe swap, so she doesn’t have to worry about the wrath of Rob yet. Another week for Sandra to enjoy being the Queen of Fiji. Congrats on hitting 100 days of Survivor played, Sandra (a milestone she hit last episode that only Ozzy, Boston Rob, Cirie, Parvati, Aubry, Amanda, Rupert, and Andrea have done!). Sandra hit 100 days this past episode, and it’s a huge accomplishment.

2. Jeremy Collins- Jeremy is exhibit A of how you should behave in tribal council when chaos ensues. Jeremy was silent, observant, and didn’t flinch. He was composed, calm, collected. After losing Natalie, he has managed to gain a fire token, and then use that to buy an advantage. If he feels danger, he can get up and walk out, saving himself for the night. Right now, I think Jeremy is being used as a free agent, like Michele, and people are using him for a vote, because his biggest ally is gone, and he really isn’t a threat right now. And, mind you, he is amazing in challenges. Jeremy looks like he could coast through this game, and I wouldn’t be mad if he went on to dominate this season.

1. Sophie Clarke- Sophie is running the tribe on the Dakal tribe. She has Yul in her back pocket, Wendell and Nick in her other pockets, and she is also holding an idol the Kim handed her. Sophie is very self-aware, and I really don’t think she has any intentions of upholding the deal with Kim. She may get a target on her back if she betrays Kim this early on, but with so many other close allies and the fact that big threats like Sarah, Sandra, Tyson, and Tony are also on her tribe, I don’t think it’ll be too big of a problem for Sophie. She’s set up to go pretty far this season, and could be an unpredictable but awesome winner if she can pull it off.

If Dakal should lose, I think it’ll come down to Kim or Tyson, and considering we heard a lot from Sophie about not wanting to work with Kim, I think it’ll be especially bad news for Kim if they lose. Dakal needs a win, Sele needs a win. I think Dakal will pull it out. I just feel like Sele is the tribe with the most focus, and I think Adam is ready to make a big move. Ethan seems like the safest person to boot of Ethan, Parv, and Rob’s alliance, but a bigger move would be targeting Rob or Parvati. Things could all backfire, which is why my gut is telling me that Ben will be the one lost in the crossfires. Either way, we’re going to see fireworks at tribal, and I have a feeling an idol may be played one way or another.


Going Home- Ben Driebergen


And now for the EXTINCTION ISLAND rankings:

3. Danni Boatwright- Danni could win a challenge back, but right now, I think she’s still adjusting to the new school way of Survivor play, and because of that, she may have a tough few days adjusting to Extinction Island and processing everything right now.

2. Amber Mariano- The preview shows Amber running off to find something, and if she does, she could make a massive dent in the season, as giving Boston Rob an advantage would entirely turn the course of the Sele tribe.

1. Natalie Anderson- Natalie got another fire token from Jeremy buying an advantage. I really think Natalie is doing the best on Extinction right now (granted, yes, it’s early), and if the fire tokens really have a huge effect on the challenge to return, then I don’t see Natalie losing it! She has so much momentum in just two episodes, and she’ll likely be able to keep making big moves from Extinction, stocking up as much ammo to return to battle. The more I watch Natalie hustle on Extinction, the more and more I want to see her return and make some serious damage in the game. I can only dream. Please, Survivor gods.


Quitting- None

Staying on Extinction Island- Natalie, Amber, and Danni




1. Sophie (+1)
2. Jeremy (+7)
3. Sandra —
4. Adam (+10)
5. Yul (-4)
6. Wendell —
7. Denise (+8)
8. Michele (-1)
9. Nick (+3)
10. Sarah (-2)
11. Tony (+6)
12. Parvati (-2)
13. Rob (-2)
14. Ethan (-9)
15. Tyson (-2)
16. Kim —
17. Ben (+1)

Biggest Rise: Adam (+10)
Biggest Drop: Ethan (-9)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Feb 26, 2020

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