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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 7)

Dec 11, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageNoura actually had a shot to win this whole thing…but I think she might’ve blown it this past week. Had Karishma found another idol, Noura would’ve been going home. Of course, getting rid of Karishma probably wasn’t the best move, as she probably wouldn’t have gotten the jury votes if she made it to the end. Dean could’ve made a huge move in going after Tommy, but told Tommy he was in danger, and I think this just solidifies that Tommy will probably win the season if he can get to final three. And considering Elaine, Janet, and Lauren are all still there, I see them all going home before Tommy does. This will either be the most predictable finish with Tommy winning or the most unpredictable if someone like Dean or Noura can make up for their mistakes, or Janet, Elaine, or Lauren sneak into the finale. And then there’s Dan…lol. Let’s rank.

7. Elaine Stott- Elaine had an idol, played it, didn’t need to. But now she’s idol less, and her and Dean are the only original Lairo. I just don’t see how Elaine makes it out of this week alive. Dan and Janet are close, Tommy and Lauren are close, and Noura and Dean are probably going to be used as numbers. Poor Elaine had a good run, I just don’t see how she gets to finale night, unless she finds another idol. And even so, she won’t make it beyond 6th place I think.

6. Lauren Beck- Lauren and Tommy have been tight for so long, but this preview gives me a bit of worry, as Tommy may be ready to flip on her. Also, Lauren was the target before she won immunity. If she hadn’t won immunity, would Dean babble to Tommy? Would Noura out Elaine’s idol? Lauren could’ve gone home had she lost immunity, so I really think she’s vulnerable and could go home if some of her allies flip on her for being a threat.

5. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM got a bit of an injury to her foot, but she’s Super Mom, so I don’t think it’ll take her out. Especially with so little game time left, she can probably tough it out for a few more days. I like Janet’s chances of making the finale. Her target level has seemingly gone down, and she has a tight alliance with Tommy, Lauren, Dan, and herself. If someone does flip, it’ll be Tommy taking out Lauren or vise-versa, since they seem to be the head of that alliance. Janet needs to lay low this week, and hopefully win an immunity or two. If she makes it into the final three, she’ll win. She just needs to get there.

4. Dan Spilo- Why would anyone get rid of Dan right now? Absolutely nothing could send Dan home unless he has another incident, which I think we’ve finally moved past.

3. Dean Kowalski- Dean will make our finale. He’s the goat of the season, as he really has no strategic moves to back up or warrant a win, and he seems like someone who is just feeding big threats information. It’s like Laurel in Ghost Island. She had opportunities to take out Wendell or Domenick, but didn’t, and ended up getting no votes in final tribal as a result. Dean had an opportunity to get out Tommy, but fed him info instead. Dean has no shot at winning, but a really good shot of being brought to the finals.

2. Noura Salman- Noura made a BAD move, like Dean, but it only confirms a spot in the finale for her. Why get rid of Noura? Like Kellee said, getting rid of Noura or Karishma was a horrible move. Splitting the votes and going for someone like Janet, Elaine, or even Dean would’ve been better. Noura has done a good job keeping herself safe, but I just don’t think the jury will see her moves, and Norua may have a tough time selling herself for a win. I think Noura is safe, and will likely make final three. Why get rid of her?

1. Tommy Sheehan- Tommy may have his name thrown around, but the thing is, as long as Janet, Elaine, and Lauren are there, I truly think Tommy is safe. He just has bigger threats in front of him, even if we the audience see him as the biggest threat. He’d normally be probably number 4 on this list, but I cannot seemingly put Dean, Noura, or Dan at number one for the sake of them all probably having little chance to actually win. So Tommy gets the top spot again.

Tommy, Lauren, Janet, or Elaine will win the game. It’s just a matter of who gets there, and right now, it seems like Elaine is the odd woman out of a ton of Vokais and Dean. We could of course see Janet or Lauren get blindsided, but I really think Elaine will go out in 7th, as many fan favorites like Christian from David vs. Goliath and Kellyn from Ghost Island, have.


Going Home- Elaine Stott




1. Tommy —
2. Noura —
3. Dean (+3)
4. Dan (-1)
5. Janet —
6. Lauren (-2)
7. Elaine (+1)

Biggest Rise: Dean (+3) 
Biggest Drop: Lauren (-2)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Dec 11, 2019
also while watching this... i can remember lauren was advertised with this early on :
if you are my best friend in the game but you have a higher chance to win then i will vote you out adios
or something like this
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Dec 11, 2019
it was like a confessional episode 1 i think?
she said she would backstab her closest ally if she had to
why would they show smg like this so early on? will it happen?
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Dec 11, 2019

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