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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 9)

Dec 4, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageThis episode was a return to form for the show. We got two great blindsides with Missy and Aaron, and we saw people like Elaine, Karishma, and Janet show off more of their impressive gameplay. We also saw Noura, in the funniest moment of the season, win immunity, but forget that she was still competing for reward. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

8. Elizabeth Beisel- Poor Elizabeth lost Missy and Aaron, and now she’s on the outs. I’d normally think she’d be safe, because we’ve seen people like Janet and Dean bounce back from being alone in this game, but now that the jury is growing, people who have lots of friends on the jury (i.e. Elizabeth) are bigger threats than someone like Dean who lost friends in Chelsea and Tom, but they’re not on the jury. Elizabeth was told by Missy to take a shot at Elaine, so I expect the two of their names will be brought up, but with Elaine having Tommy, Lauren, and Karishma in her corner, I don’t see Elizabeth winning that battle.

7. Elaine Stott- Elaine is now a target for Elizabeth, but Elaine has Tommy in her corner now, and Tommy has Lauren, who has Janet, Dan, and possibly Karishma. Elaine has more protection as of now, so I think she’ll be safe, but if Elizabeth rolls with Missy’s warning to “GET RID OF ELAINE” and does an amazing job of convincing others to do so, Elaine could end up getting blindsided tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised.

6. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM is safe, and now that she has Dan in her corner, I think she’ll be able to skate by a little longer. The road to a win may be difficult for her, but right now, she’s out of the limelight as the biggest threat left. People like Elizabeth and Elaine are going to stand out as more threatening right now.

5. Lauren Beck- Lauren is shown in the preview to be making a big move this week, or so we’re led to believe. My worry is that Lauren overplays her hand, and some of the underdogs like Dean, Karishma, Noura, or Janet rise up and try to split up Tommy and Lauren again (as we’ve heard time and time again). Tommy and Lauren are a threatening pair, so I don’t believe that Lauren is truly safe. The good news is that Janet and Dan are now in an alliance, and Elaine voted with Tommy, so there’s a chance Lauren could build an alliance before they turn on her.

4. Dan Spilo- Dan was out of the limelight this week, but I think having this new bond and alliance with Janet is going to help out Dan in the long run. I could see him making it a few more weeks now that his target is gone and he seems to have a solid group full of bigger threats than him.

3. Tommy Sheehan- If Tommy were as big of a threat as we think, he would’ve gone home last week. But obviously, Karishma and Elaine didn’t think that Tommy was that much of a threat, and I think, if Tommy is playing this good of a game, there’s no way he’s not in our finale. I could see them wanting to split up Lauren and Tommy, but even then, I think Tommy has an easier advantage of swaying people to keep him than Lauren does. He’s everybody’s best friend, and if he gets to the end, he wins.

2. Dean Kowalski- Dean has been on nobody’s radar since the merge started, and I expect it to stay that way. He’s not a threat, he doesn’t really have many friends on jury, and he’s not a challenge threat either. Why get rid of him? 
Noura Salman- Noura won immunity. She may win more. But unlike Aaron, she’s not a threatening challenge beast. She’s just super fit and a good athlete. We don’t have to worry about Noura for a while. She’s safe.

1. Karishma Patel- Karishma is in my top spot for two reasons. One, she is now a swing vote that lots of people will look to for an extra number. Two, she’s got that idol. I know, I know. Vince wasted an idol, Chelsea wasted an idol, Kellee wasted two. But Karishma is on the outs as is, so she won’t hesitate to play it, and she will play it for herself and only herself. She’s smarter than anyone thinks.

It’s crazy that Karishma, Noura, and Dean are the top three right now, but they really have no threat to go home. The people I think are on the chopping block have to be Janet, Elaine, and Elizabeth, and in a freak turn of events, we could lose Dan, Tommy, or Lauren. It really could play out any way, as this season has been incredibly unpredictable. Luckily, there’s an obvious person on the outs who has two really good friends on jury.


Going Home- Elizabeth Beisel



1. Karishma (+6)
2. Noura —
3. Dean (+1)
4. Tommy (+1)
5. Dan (+6)
6. Lauren —
7. Janet (-6)
8. Elaine (-5)
9. Elizabeth (+1)

Biggest Rise: Karishma and Dan (+6) 
Biggest Drop: Janet (-6)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Dec 4, 2019
Where is noura at?
Sent by BarbraStreisand,Dec 4, 2019

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