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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 11)

Nov 20, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageSometimes, the show tackles some real human issues and displays them in a very educational light that we as viewers can both relate, recognize, and learn from. At the beginning of this episode, I expected an eye opening look at the Me Too movement, and instead, I think we saw some contestants take advantage of Dan’s actions against Kellee and used them for gameplay. Not being phased by Dan’s touching is fine, but lying to Janet and saying that they were uncomfortable, just to peg votes on Dan and take the target away from Missy so they could vote Kellee was really bad gameplay on Elizabeth and Missy’s end. But even worse was then denying it back at camp, and painting Janet as the bad guy for presumably “targeting Dan on her own.” Janet was simply stepping up for her friends, Missy, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Kellee, when in actuality, Kellee was the only one severely bothered by it. Kellee isn’t a dumb player for not playing her two idols when she assumed everyone was going to vote a problematic person off of the show. Instead, she went home with two idols James Clement style, and Janet was left as the odd woman out for trying to do right for her friends. I didn’t like how the episode played out, as it showed that nobody was suffering consequences except for the two people voted out, who were two of the most well-spoken contestants on the season. We saw so little of Rob and Sandra’s commentary at tribal in their spy bunker because it didn’t truly seem like a real tribal council, but a discussion of sensitive subject matter, leading to Aaron’s poor sound bite, a heartbreaking Jamal elimination, and Dan arguing with Jeff, passing his touching off as not a big deal…when in reality, it was. Even if Kellee was the only one uncomfortable, it still needed to be addressed. And while it was addressed, it wasn’t shown to us viewers, and Elizabeth and Missy weren’t punished for lying about their response to Dan’s actions, which led to Janet (the obvious fan favorite) almost quitting the game. It was a mess of an episode, and one that I think will taint the entire season’s image. Kellee and Jamal deserve a season where they can play hard and see their games out to the end, and I hope, should Dan make another move on anyone else, that production boots him immediately. Tommy, Karishma, Dean, and Elaine seemed okay in the end (though being bystanders while all this is going on may be just as bad as some of the comments Missy, Elizabeth, Lauren, or Aaron made), but it was only really Kellee, Jamal, Noura, and Janet who truly spoke out against Dan’s poor behavior, and two of them are gone…so it looks like there are truly only TWO people I can whole heartedly root for this season, which is a shame (and the fact that one of them is Noura says a lot about the kind of season we are at now). Also, why in the world would reaching for a hanging advantage result in Jamal losing a vote? I bet, had Sandra and Rob seen that on a season of Survivor, they’d grab it right away. What a horrible Island of the Idols usage, and a horrible “lesson” for CBS to instill. So we’re not supposed to reach for every advantage we find? Okay. Let’s hope this double elimination episode brings some closure to this hellish two hours and gets this season back on track.

11. Dan Spilo- I hope you learn from all of this, Dan. I can’t put your chances in the game above anyone else’s. Sure, the touching may be over, but the fact that anyone else will get to sit on the jury before you just doesn’t sit right with me. So for that, this is the spot Dan falls into.

10. Elizabeth Beisel- After this episode, we see original Lairo finally outnumbering original Vokai. From original Lairo, we have Missy, Elaine, Aaron, Dean, Karishma, and Elizabeth. For Vokai, we have Tommy, Dan, Noura, Lauren, and Janet. I could see them going after an original Lairo person this week, and it seems like Dean and Karishma could possibly be willing to make a move like that against one of their own. Aaron and Missy seem to be tighter with Tommy and Lauren than we think, which leaves Elaine and Elizabeth, and in my opinion, Elizabeth is the much bigger threat at this point in the game. Elaine is someone you can get out later. I think Elizabeth could be a safe bet in fear of Aaron or Missy playing an idol, or simply wanting to take out a Lairo that doesn’t get much blood on their hands. 

9. Missy Byrd- Missy and Elizabeth made a dirty move, and I can’t say I’m rooting for Missy to win anymore. While I still had hope last week, it seems like I’ve officially separated myself from my pre-season winner pick this week. Regardless, I think Missy will be fine. She has been shown to be tight with Elizabeth, Aaron, and Lauren to a deep extent. And since Missy found out her name was on the chopping block, I think she’s thinking twice as hard now. They may still get rid of her, but at least she now expects it, and could potentially think of a Plan B before she gets blindsided herself.

8. Aaron Meredith- Last week, I said Aaron could very will win immunity. Well, he won twice. In a row. With the numbers dwindling, and Jamal (probably his biggest challenge competition aside from Tommy) out of the running, Aaron’s chances at winning immunity get even better. But immunity runs have rarely won somebody the game. Brad Culpepper- 2nd place. Ozzy Lusth- 2nd place. Terry Deitz- 3rd place. I wouldn’t count on him.

7. Karishma Patel- Karishma went from being the highest priority to go home to the least threatening person of the season. But she somehow still got votes, and had Jamal played an idol, she’d be on the jury. Why do people keep throwing votes at her? Maybe there’s something we’re not seeing. I think she’ll survive, but as long as votes are continuously thrown her way, she’s not entirely safe.

6. Lauren Beck- Lauren immediately told Missy that she was in danger, so there’s an obvious connection there. I think Lauren is someone who can redeem herself after a distasteful episode, and her relationship with Tommy should carry her through a little longer. Can she win at this point? I don’t think she’s done enough.

5. Tommy Sheehan- Tommy may have been more on Lauren, Missy, and Elizabeth’s side than we saw, but the edit never showed us, meaning that we’re still supposed to root for Tommy. While I still don’t know how anyone allows Tommy to get to the end, I don’t think anyone is going to take him out this early on.

4. Dean Kowalski- Dean will probably hold lots of power this week, as he always seems to be a wild card. I like the position that Detective Dean is in. But voting out Kellee? Not cool dude. She was the reason you survived to the merge, and you voted her out. Loss of some respect for that. At least own it, buddy.

3. Elaine Stott- Elaine needs to keep sitting quiet and just enjoying the nature and fresh air. That’s all we’ve really seen from her in weeks, and it seems to be working just fine.

2. Noura Salman- Noura has stayed out of the spotlight, and I think she’ll continue to lay low this week. She’s a big personality, but not much of a threat to anyone’s game. They know she can’t lie. She blatantly ratted Kellee out after the Jack vote out, which further shows that people can use her as a number and always rely on her to tell them the truth. Getting rid of Noura this early would be a dumb move, in my opinion.

1. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM is the only option for number one now. Sure, she may be on the outs, but there’s nobody more deserving of this top spot. Janet made a courageous move going against a friend (Dan) because she felt the other girls were uncomfortable. Obviously, Lauren, Missy, and Elizabeth used Janet in this way, and it all came back to bite Janet. But I do think our Super Mom has more fight left in her, and should any more of the “Me Too” conversation arise, I think people will continue to look to her for words of wisdom and insight, unlike Jamal, who while smart and knowledgeable, still got on some people’s nerves. I really want Janet to win. I need Janet to win. And if she doesn’t win, I need them to call her back for the next returnee season.

It’s hard to root for many people at this point. Tier 1 is Janet, as she is the all-around favorite to win. Tier 2 is your Noura, Karishma, Elaine, Dean, and Tommy. All likable enough people and entertaining tv, that haven’t had their images completely tarnished. And then Tier 3 is Lauren, Missy, Aaron, and Elizabeth, who have lots of making up to do after doing what they did to Janet. Tier 4 is…well…Dan.


Going Home 1st- Dan Spilo

Going Home 2nd- Elizabeth Beisel 



I was trying to do something for all you girls
Sent by Absol,Nov 20, 2019

1. Janet —
2. Noura (+4)
3. Elaine (+6)
4. Dean —
5. Tommy (+3)
6. Lauren (+1)
7. Karishma (-4)
8. Aaron (+3)
9. Missy (+3)
10. Elizabeth —
11. Dan (+2)

Biggest Rise: Elaine (+6) 
Biggest Drop: Karishma (-4)
Sent by SurvivorGames,Nov 20, 2019

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