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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 13)

Nov 18, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageWe witnessed quite possibly the greatest move of the game so far, with Kellee giving Dean the idol, still voting for him to blend in, and having Dean and Noura do his dirty work of splitting up the power duo of Jack and Jamal, while getting Jamal to flush his idol on Noura. It was a wild tribal, and I’m excited that there was such good gameplay. On a serious note, it was also nice to see the women speak up about their personal experiences and especially Janet’s speech, giving her an extremely positive edit that I think pairs with her Island of the Idols trip as emerging as a true contender. Kellee and Janet won the week for me, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the merge.

13. Dan Spilo- There are three “goats” that could be brought to the final three and lose: Karishma, Noura, and Dan. In all three scenarios, I don’t think any of them win. The problem is, if everyone wants to drag the three of them to the end, that means that they wouldn’t be able to have a spot for themselves, so they’’re going to have to cut some fat eventually. I think Dan is the highest probability of being booted early. He is rubbing people the wrong way, and seems to not be learning from his mistakes. He’s shady, and I think Tommy and Lauren made it clear that they’re willing to jump ship and vote him out at this point.

12. Missy Byrd- I think Missy has merge boot written all over her. She played such a hard pre-merge game, but she’s from old Lairo, who has the minority in numbers, and she is best friends with one of the biggest challenge threats. Also, she’s a challenge threat in herself. I think Missy is going to be a huge threat, and because she is often unwilling to stick to an original plan, people may be nervous that a big move is coming. Missy may end up blindsided by the end of the episode.

11. Aaron Meredith- The only two things that I think could save Aaron are…1) If he wins immunity, and 2) if that relationship and small bond he made with Tommy a few episodes back comes back to help him. I think he and Missy are the next strongest duo now that Jack is gone, so Aaron is going to have to sell why he’s more valuable to keep around than Missy. If he can do so, I think he’ll stick around.

10. Elizabeth Beisel- I like Elizabeth but I really don’t know where she goes from here. We either see a lot of her or a little of her, and we all know she’s going to be a big challenge threat. If they go after strong people, Missy, Aaron, Elizabeth, and Tommy seem like the biggest threats, and Elizabeth just has the Olympian title hanging over her head that could just make her a merge boot target. She is an old Lairo member, but doesn’t seem to be too tight with any of the Vokais of Tommy, Lauren, or Dan. I think she’s in more danger than people expect.

9. Elaine Stott- Elaine will always be a target, I think, because she is so likable. But I also don’t think she’ll be the first target for a while, because she doesn’t seem to be too threatening from a game, strategic perspective. I think, if anyone from old Lairo gets targeted, Missy and Aaron will be targeted first, with Elizabeth as a potential backup plan. Elaine’s only downfall would be if she was stubborn and wasn’t willing to work with anyone new.

8. Tommy Sheehan- I think Tommy will be targeted before Lauren, but regardless, I think both are safe. The swap was the biggest hurdle they had to endure, but now that they’ve made the merge, I think both of them have enough relationships to survive. They have Jamal, Janet, and Kellee, and Tommy may also have Aaron as a potential ally. He may be brought up as a potential target, but I don’t think Tommy gets booted yet.

7. Lauren Beck- Lauren seems to be making good relationships with everybody. She is close to Elizabeth and Missy, while also having Tommy as her number one. I think she’s going to have lots of room to make allys in the merge, and if anyone in her duo will be targeted, it’ll be Tommy first.

6. Noura Salman- I actually think Noura will be safe this week. Because of the move Kellee made, Noura and Dean seem to be in her corner, and Noura is so desperate for allies, I don’t think she would rat out Kellee for making the move against Jack. The only way she would go home is if people find her annoying and want to take her out now. But Jamal used an idol on her, meaning he was willing to risk his own fate in the game to keep Noura around.

5. Jamal Shipman- Now that he doesn’t have an idol, Jamal is vulnerable. But that’s why I think he’ll survive. He just lost his number one ally, he has possibility for a new ally in Noura after using an idol on her, and he still has Karishma and Janet who voted with him. I think Jamal will be able to survive a few more weeks because I think newer threats will emerge before him.

4. Dean Kowalski- Dean’s relationship with Kellee is no joke, and I think it will give him an advantage to bond with some of the old Vokai people like Tommy and Lauren. He did need an idol to save himself, but now that he has, I could see him joining together with Kellee and others to take out old Lairo. We saw him betrayed by Missy and Aaron in the past, and I think that storyline will come full circle. I just don’t see Dean going home this early in the merge.

3. Karishma Patel- Nobody is thinking Karishma will be the biggest target going into the merge. In fact, I almost put her at number one had it not been for Janet and Kellee’s great episode. The thing is, Karishma is no threat to anyone, and even if her social prowess may be better than some would be led to believe, she won’t be targeted this early on.

2. Kellee Kim- Kellee doesn’t have her idol anymore, but neither does anyone else. She seems self aware enough to really think through all of her options, and since Janet and Kellee have been spoken so highly of by Rob and Sandra, I think it means we’ll be seeing them pretty deep into the game.

1. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM became the oldest woman to ever make the merge. Not only that, but she just had a phenomenal episode as is, and easily earns my top spot as the safest person going into this merge.

With the merge, we’re getting two boots. I think one will be a collective annoyance, and one will be a collective challenge threat. Missy is just such a threat, and as much as I’d like to see my winner pick make it all the way, she just seems like the obvious target. Dan needs to go too, for everyone’s sake.


Going Home 1st- Dan Spilo

Going Home 2nd- Missy Byrd 




1. Janet (+1)
2. Kellee (-1)
3. Karishma (+5)
4. Dean —
5. Jamal (+4)
6. Noura (+8)
7. Lauren (+5)
8. Tommy (+5)
9. Elaine (-4)
10. Elizabeth (-7)
11. Aaron (-1)
12. Missy (-6)
13. Dan (-2)

Biggest Rise: Noura (+8) 
Biggest Drop: Elizabeth (-7)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Nov 18, 2019
Noura is a legend wkjdnehdgdhsj
Sent by BarbraStreisand,Nov 19, 2019

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