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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 14)

Nov 5, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageJack and Jamal had an amazing moment this week. Karishma finally got to relax for a week. Aaron made a lot of promises, broke those promises, and pissed off all of Tommy, Dan, Lauren, and ultimate blindside Jason. I was never truly the biggest fan of Jason, but definitely liked his recent gameplay, so it sucks to see him go so early. But good for Elaine for risking a move, and making a big play. I thought she’d be an easy boot if Vokai lost, but she turned it around. Now to the next week.

14. Noura Salman- I hate putting Noura on the bottom every single time, but it’s becoming very clear that Noura wants Jamal out, and Jamal knows. The best thing for Jamal would be to get his buddy Jack and newfound ally Dean to vote Noura with him and play that idol of his. Noura could be going sooner rather than later, especially with no alliance on the other side with Jason gone. She’s on her own, and I don’t even think Kellee or Janet would be too upset with her going home.

13. Tommy Sheehan- I’ve never put three of my top five in the bottom five in the span of one week like this…but it’s true. After that Jason vote, Tommy, Lauren, and Dan went from being 3 of the most powerful people in the game to three of the most vulnerable. And it sucks. Tommy had a really solid social game, but now that Aaron has chosen his side, Tommy is the biggest threat of a minority on his tribe. Tommy needs to pray for a win in immunity, or another swap, or that he can somehow convince the girls to flip on Aaron. If not, I definitely think Tommy is the most vulnerable should Vokai lose. Something I never thought I’d say about the clear front-runner so far this season.

12. Lauren Beck- Lauren and Tommy are in the same boat, but I think Lauren has more leverage with the ladies, and that’ll keep her safe if Vokai loses. I definitely see Elaine, Elizabeth, and Missy wanting to keep her around. I just have a gut feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lauren, even if her, Dan, and Tommy are clearly on the outs.

11. Dan Spilo- Dan was seen going through people’s stuff. Why dude? You know this makes you shady! But then again, I feel like Dan is someone who probably can’t win the game, so maybe the alliance of Missy, Aaron, Elaine, and Elizabeth should keep Dan around over someone like Tommy or Lauren who could DEFINITELY win if they made it to the end. If he was that annoying, they would’ve voted him off last week instead of Jason. Dan should be fine, but certainly not out of the water.

10. Aaron Meredith- Aaron made a good move in siding with Elaine, Elizabeth, and Missy. But he made a terrible move in making Tommy, Jason, Dan, and Lauren feel so safe. Now, he’s got more enemies than he had before, and if he had just been honest with Tommy, who he was shown to be quite close to last episode, I think he’d be in a much better position. Should Vokai lose, I could see Tommy, Dan, and Lauren trying to target Aaron for being wishy washy, and while I think Elaine, Elizabeth, and Missy will still stay true to Aaron and old-Lairo, we’ve seen much crazier things happen in this game.

9. Jamal Shipman- Jamal’s idol prevents him from being too low on the list. But Chelsea and Vince proved that idols mean nothing in this game if you don’t have the self-awareness to use them. Jamal, however, knows he’s in danger, and if that idol isn’t played the next time he goes to tribal, I’d be surprised.

8. Karishma Patel- Karishma managed to get zero screen time this week, which honestly might be a blessing for her game. She has been getting so much heat, but to see the tables turn to Noura vs. Jamal for a bit, it looks like Karishma could skate by. Her tribe was able to win a challenge, so there’s really no use in getting rid of her for that reason.

7. Jack Nichting- Jack had a really powerful moment with Jamal. My only worry is that Noura gets a clue that Jamal has an idol, and she targets Jack instead. But honestly, who wants to lose Jack? He’s the strongest one in challenges and he is a loyal number. I think he’ll be safe this week.

6. Missy Byrd- Missy was smart in siding with Elizabeth and Elaine, because now, people are mad at Aaron and not Missy. Missy needs to let Aaron take the slack, and if she does, she won’t have a target on her back until he’s gone. Laying low is her best move.

5. Elaine Stott- Elaine made a big move and managed to get Missy, Aaron, and Elizabeth on her side to make it. I do think she’s safe now until the merge, as Tommy, Lauren, and Dan are going to be after Aaron, and I assume Elaine, Elizabeth, and Missy will just try to pick off the rest of the previous Vokai members. The thing is, Vokai seems to be the stronger team anyway, so the odds of them losing are already small (despite losing this week, so maybe not). Either way, I think Elaine is safe.

4. Dean Kowalski- Dean is actually in a pretty powerful position this week, I think. He seems to be close with Kellee now. Noura wants him to go after Jamal. Jamal needs him to combat Noura’s plan. Dean went from being the zero to maybe being the hero. He just needs to play it cool, go with the flow, and just make the best decision possible, and he could make it to the merge.

3. Elizabeth Beisel- We finally got to see two people from Island of the Idols meet up, and it went super successfully. I think Elizabeth and Elaine have a newfound bond, and it will really come to use in the future, as more people go to the Island of the Idols and more advantages are introduced. Elizabeth is playing a purely social game, and it’s really working to her advantage. She’s always on the inside of the vote, and always knows what’s going on. With some improved poker face, I think Elizabeth will soar through to the merge.

2. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM’s name has never come up. Dean’s has. Karishma’s has. Noura’s has. Jamal’s has. Jack’s has. Janet has been steering clear and I think this means we’ll be seeing Janet DEEP into the game. If I’m wrong, it’ll be the biggest heartbreak of recent Survivor memory, because she is my favorite by a mile.

1. Kellee Kim- Kellee’s tribe didn’t go to tribal, which means she STILL has an idol for this week. She has Dean in her right pocket, Janet in her left pocket. And I think she’s in a lot of power right now. This crazy season has been filled with lots of unexpectedness, but I think Kellee is a smart enough player to know when her name is on the chopping block. Another week at the top spot for being in control, not having her name thrown around, and having an idol to back her up.

Kellee and Janet are the only people I’m confident in to see so high. It’s crazy that people like Dean, Elizabeth, Elaine, and Missy who I had quite low last week are so high this week, and people like Tommy, Lauren, and Dan are so low. That’s Survivor for you. I still think Noura’s going home.


Going Home- Noura Salman




1. Kellee —
2. Janet (+4)
3. Elizabeth (+8)
4. Dean (+8)
5. Elaine (+8)
6. Missy (+4)
7. Jack —
8. Karishma (+6)
9. Jamal —
10. Aaron (-2)
11. Dan (-6)
12. Lauren (-9)
13. Tommy (-11)
14. Noura (+1)

Biggest Rise: Elizabeth, Dean, Elaine (+8)
Biggest Drop: Tommy (-11)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Nov 5, 2019

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