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Dancing With The Stars S28 Power Rankings (Round 7)

Nov 5, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageSorry I am behind on these rankings. The longer S.S. is on this show, the longer it takes me to finish an episode. Anyways, here are the Halloween routines ranked.

10. Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold- You’re kidding me.

9. Team Treat- Unfortunately, the elephant in the room slowed them down. Luckily, this was S.S. and Lindsay’s best dance by a mile. The others, specifically Kate, really shined this week, and in this dance. It was a fun theme and definitely brought the entertainment, even if 1/8 of the dancers was really off of it. 

8. Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson- I think, if it couldn’t be Sean, it was rightfully Karamo going home tonight. I definitely think the 9 was a bit overscored. He just seemed rigid again, and this whole season, he has underwhelmed with how rigid he has been and a bit of the stiffness behind these dances. For the paso, it worked, but I still think he was one of the weaker ones of the pack, and while I’m obviously sad to see him go, he wasn’t going to last much longer. I definitely agree with the judges keeping Kate over him.

7. Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov- This wasn’t Kate’s best, but I still love how she commits to the character, and how Pasha really tries to nail the technique. Kate’s age showed a bit in some of the movements, but I definitely think she’s still improving every week and surprising me time and time again. Landing in the bottom made me a bit nervous, but considering Ally and Kel have also been in the bottom, it really doesn’t speak on their abilities. I think this will push America to vote for them.

6. Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten- I feel like the judges are definitely being a little tough on Hannah. She’s been doing well, but not exceptional, so it’s really starting to stick out, even if she really is in no danger. I think this routine was the least “Halloween” esque of the bunch, so that may be why it didn’t stand out too much. I think, once she abandons the pageant face, she’ll be able to commit to the character of these dances, and she’ll really start to soar after that.

5. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber- Ally and Sasha’s Joker and Harley Quinn routine was definitely pretty cool (though a bit outdated, considering we’ve got a new Joker, and Harley Quinn is riding solo in her next movie). They have become two of the front runners, and deservedly so. They’re fun to watch, and even if Ally doesn’t nail every step with grace, her facial expressions and attitude make up for it. Almost the opposite problem of Hannah, who is nailing the steps but not getting the acting behind the dance.

4. Team Trick- Maybe it’s because they didn’t have Spicey dancing with them, but this seemed like the MUCH stronger team dance. The lighting made things a little tricky to see, but I think the dancing was amazing, and it was great to see James blend in as one of the pro guys. The four couples were so synchronized, and it made for a great team dance.

3. Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson- Kel kicked the night off on a super high note and had a ton of fun in his time warp dance. I love Kel’s energy, and definitely think this kicked him into high gear, as the first celeb to get a 27 out of four total for the night (and an added team dance). He did great, and I continue to be impressed by him.

2. James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater- James deserves another week toward the top, as he is just killing it week after week. This dance wasn’t necessarily as cathartic as his last one, but it’s enough to land him in the top two.

1. Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko- Lauren’s tango was absolutely stunning. I think Gleb tends to hold back in the choreography sometimes, but this one was perfectly sexy and elegant and showed off just what Lauren is made of, and her strong suits. I can’t help but continue rooting for her.

I love how this competition is shaping up. Just kidding. He needs to go. Maybe it’s because I keep saying he’ll go home, so he stays. So this week, as a little Halloween trick, I”ll put someone else’s name, and hope this means that Sean will go home for real.


Going Home- Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson   




1. Lauren & Gleb (+1)
2. James & Emma (-1)
3. Kel & Witney (+3)
4. Team Trick —
5. Ally & Sasha (+2)
6. Hannah & Alan (+2)
7. Kate & Pasha (-4)
8. Karamo & Jenna (-3)
9. Team Treat —
10.  Sean & Lindsay (-1)

Biggest Rise:  Kel & Witney (+3)   
Biggest Drop: Kate & Pasha (-4)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Nov 5, 2019
Sean Spicer needs to go!
Sent by LaCroix,Nov 5, 2019

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