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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 17)

Oct 16, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageVince. Vince. Vince. You have two tribals to play an idol. You got votes in the first tribal. You know the guys are outnumbered by the women 5-4. You literally had every reason to play your idol. And you kept it in your pocket. If this came later on in the season, I think people would remember his move (or lack thereof) as one of the dumbest choices by a contestant, but because it’s happening so early on in the season, I think he’ll get forgotten over time. Poor guy. Oh well, it’s time to rank the rest of the pack still alive, including soon to be showmance Dean (yay, you said words this week) and Chelsea, sliced hand Karishma, and a bunch of Lairo people who can’t do puzzles. Let’s go.

17. Tom Laidlaw- Tom seemed like he had more control of the tribe than he does. I could definitely see the girls getting rid of Tom if they lose. We were led to believe that Tom, Elaine, and Vince had a tight bond, but Elaine voted out Vince, so I don’t think Tom and Elaine are as tight as we’d like to believe. So for this reason, I think Tom is in danger should they lose. Dean and Aaron are so strong in challenges, and Tom is someone that they could win or lose without.

16. Aaron Meredith- Aaron is in the minority of a sinking ship. Sure, the whole tribe came together to get out Vince, but if they lose again, it’s clear that he, Dean, and Tom will have their names thrown around, so I think his days are numbered as long as he’s on Lairo. He should hope for a tribe swap or a challenge without a puzzle.

15. Dan Spilo- Dan was a target episode one. Dan was a target episode three. That’s two of the three episodes where people have been on board with Dan going home. The problem is that Dan has been targeted for two different reasons now: one for being uncomfortable around camp, two for playing the game REALLY hard. The fact that he double dips into both these categories, he’s the perfect candidate to go home, should Vokai lose. If there’s a puzzle, they could win. But should there not be a puzzle, I think Dan could easily be going home.

14. Jamal Shipman- It looks like Tommy is in control of the Vokai tribe, and he said the decision basically comes down to Jamal and Dan. I think the tribe could swing either way, but Jamal is much more useful in challenges, and could be used as a swing vote, so I think Jamal may escape the week safe if his tribe ends up losing.

13. Noura Salman- It seems like the Vokai tribe was split on whether or not Jamal or Dan was next to go, but don’t leave out Noura, who seems to be annoying everyone consistently. I think voting out Molly kept her in some good graces, but I feel like she’ll always be a pretty vulnerable backup plan, and if Dan or Jamal could maneuver their way out of the bottom, I think Noura could be a safe elimination bet.

12. Dean Kowalski- Dean and Chelsea look like they’re going to be cuddling up this week, but if there’s anyone to start a romance with, it’s the person with the idol. It puts him in fishy territory, but the fact that he finally spoke last week means that we’re finally getting Dean content, and it would be cruel for CBS to only let him speak for one episode before cutting him this week.

11. Karishma Patel- Karishma seems to be in the majority with the women’s alliance. I worry that if one of the guys gets their hands on an idol, she’s the easy target for the women. Because of that, I have to keep her lower on the list, though I think she’ll be safe as long as there are more women than men on that tribe.

10. Jason Linden- Jason is actually in the best position he’s been in all game. He had a bad first episode, with people seeing that he was looking for an idol, but since showing an empty bag, he hasn’t really been on anyone’s radar. If he is targeted, they’ll vote for Noura. So I think Jason is fine for now.

9. Jack Nichting- When an ally gets blindsided, it’s easy to lose your cool and have an outburst…or you can play brilliantly like Jack and applaud the team, boost their egos, and laugh it off. Jack handled Molly’s blindside so well, and continues to be a huge challenge beast. I think any other player (Jamal included) would have immediately been pissed off, but Jack had a really mature response to the blindside that just shows how well he gets the social aspect of the game. Sure, he may be on the outs, but he ain’t going nowhere.

8. Chelsea Walker- Chelsea, don’t throw away your game for a man. But then again, Amber did the same with Boston Rob, and one of them happens to be a mentor on this season. Oh, and Amber won the million bucks. Maybe Dean can be the Rob that Chelsea takes to the end and beats.

7. Lauren Beck- Lauren has only had her one moment from episode two, and it seems like Tommy got most of the credit from it. I don’t know if this means that she’s playing a good under the radar game or if the editors are hinting that she isn’t going to be that big of a big player in the end. Right now, I think she’s okay, but I wanna see her breakout and start playing harder.

6. Elaine Stott- Elaine has been laying super low lately. Please give her more to do. I love Elaine. I think she’s just fine within the relationships of the tribe, and would need to really blow it in a challenge to garner an elimination target.

5. Elizabeth Beisel- I was really worried about Elizabeth, but she proved that lying about the Island of the Idols didn’t really backfire for her. She’s solid with the women’s alliance, and I think she, Chelsea, and Missy seem to be the three running the alliance (with Elaine and Karishma next in line). I think she’s much better off than I originally thought, and think that—if she was able to overcome this hurdle—she’s an endgame player.

4. Missy Byrd- Missy is one of the leaders on her side of the alliance, and is also one of the better ones in challenges too. I think she’ll stick around for days more to come.

3. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM seems to be Tommy’s closest ally. It’s nice to be the Denise to someone’s Malcolm (the younger guy who everyone seems to get along with). Remember, Denise made it to the finals after cutting Malcolm, and ended up winning the game. Right now, I could definitely see the two working together long-term and Janet finding her way to the end to make a shot at the win. Just a thought. I’d love to see it.

2. Kellee Kim- Kellee had a pretty quiet episode, but really did a great job in the challenge, and I think she has enough good bonds to stick around for a little while. The only thing to hurt her game would be if somebody went to the Island of the Idols and ratted out her lie, but I think she’s a smart enough player to avoid backlash, and if Elizabeth walked away without blood on her hands, so will Kellee. Also, she has an idol that she can play if her tribe goes to tribal. She’s safe.

1. Tommy Sheehan- Tommy is running the show out there, and has alliances on alliances. He seems to have Jamal in his back pocket, Janet on his shoulder, Lauren and Kellee following him, Jack in his other pocket. Even people like Noura, Jason, and Dan aren’t his number one, but at least trust him and tell him info. He’s going to be a big part of whether or not Dan, Jamal, or Noura go home, and should his tribe stay safe, we’re still sure to hear where his head is at. I think a woman is going to prevail and win the season, but right now, Tommy is the man to beat.

Chelsea and Dean are only in trouble if this showmance becomes a huge deal, but it should be Aaron or Tom going home should Lairo lose. As for Vokai, I think Dan, Jamal, and Noura are all on the chopping block. But let’s be honest, as long as there’s a puzzle in the challenge, I don’t see Vokai losing, and Tom just seems like the next guy on the women alliance’s totem pole. Sorry Mr. Canada.


Going Home- Tom Laidlaw




1. Tommy (+1)
2. Kellee (+1)
3. Janet (+2)
4. Missy —
5. Elizabeth (+11)
6. Elaine —
7. Lauren (+2)
8. Chelsea (-7)
9. Jack (+2)
10. Jason (+3)
11. Karishma (+7)
12. Dean (-4)
13. Noura (+1)
14. Jamal (+3)
15. Dan (-5)
16. Aaron (-1)
17. Tom (-10)

Biggest Rise: Elizabeth (+11)
Biggest Drop: Tom (-10)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Oct 16, 2019

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