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Survivor S39 Power Rankings (Top 18)

Oct 9, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageHow to use Island of the Idols to your advantage was not displayed effectively with Elizabeth. While Kellee still lied and made up some stupid excuse about three urns, I think she did a much better job at Island of the Idols and getting that idol, and also keeping the attention off of the idol when she returned to camp. More on that below. As for the blindside of Molly, it was incredibly unexpected (I had her at spot 3 last week), but just shows how hard these contestants are playing. Most of them are in fourth gear, and it’s exciting to watch. Other news: we saw Aaron and Vince exchanging some words, Missy and Elaine killing it in the challenge, and Jamal taking a nap right before tribal council. Some do’s and don’ts, and now onto the next week.

18. Karishma Patel- Karishma is shown to be hurting her hand in the preview. This could be the most obvious reason to send her packing. We haven’t seen much from her yet, but by the looks of the preview, she’s definitely not the biggest asset with this intense-looking injury coming up.

17. Jamal Shipman- “We’re in first gear.” Famous last words. He’s definitely in a terrible spot, and the only thing keeping him alive is the fact that he is really good in challenges.

16. Elizabeth Beisel- I always said, once someone from her own tribe went to the island, her lie would be exposed. Elizabeth could be in deep danger. If someone like Aaron were to go, he could blow up her game on the spot. If it’s someone like Missy or Chelsea, maybe there are some deals and alliances to be made. It’ll all depend on who goes to the island, but I think Elizabeth needs to keep on her toes. Especially since Chelsea made a fire in 5 minutes and Elizabeth spent her whole lesson learning from Boston Rob, yet seemed absent in the fire-making at camp.

15. Aaron Meredith- Aaron seemed completely betrayed by his tribe, and if he continues acting pissed off, it’s going to send him home quickly. But I do think they need his strength, and I think he’ll be able to make something work now that he knows he’s probably in danger. I have him toward the bottom, but not the next one out.

14. Noura Salman- Noura is the crazy to Jason’s cool, calm, and composed. The two make an oddly entertaining couple. I just don’t see how much longer this tribe is going to keep them around. She’s an oddball and has the potential to blow things up. Luckily, she was composed enough at tribal that she may still be trusted as a number for a few more votes.

13. Jason Linden- Jason proved he didn’t have an idol by literally pouring his bag out at tribal council. This will either tell his tribe, “okay, we can trust him,” or “okay, he doesn’t have an idol, let’s vote him out.”

12. Vince Moua- Vince decided to throw a bit of a fit when coming back from tribal. Why? What does he have to gain from that except for putting a bit more of a target on his back with someone like Aaron? There are previews of an all-guy alliance forming, but I don’t see Aaron and Vince working tightly anytime soon. If a guy goes home, I still think Vince is okay, as they’d get rid of Aaron first, but he’s definitely in more dangerous water than most on his tribe. Luckily, Elizabeth made a bad lie about the island, Aaron voted incorrectly in the first tribal, and Karishma is supposedly going to get sliced in the hand. This keeps Vince safe for a few more weeks.

11. Jack Nichting- Jack is great in challenges. I think being aligned with Molly hurts him a bit, but I think Jamal is going to be the number one threat before Jack, and even someone like Jason or Noura will be looked at as a more dangerous player before Jack. Jack should be fine going forward, especially if he can endure (and enjoy) Noura’s crazy yoga classes.

10. Dan Spilo- Episode one, Dan was asked to stop being so touchy feely. Episode two, he greets Kellee with a face grab and kiss to the head when she returned from the island of the idols. Dan hasn’t learned that much, it seems, but at least he voted with the majority of the tribe, and seems to have a lot of people on his side.

9. Lauren Beck- Lauren rocked this episode and made the bold move to turn people against Molly. My only worry is that people like Tommy, Janet, and Dan realize that Lauren is the real one running the game, and take her out for it.

8. Dean Kowalski- (stay tuned until Dean actually speaks before we make any assumptions about his non-existent gameplay)

7. Tom Laidlaw- If the girls pick off the guys, I think they’d start with Aaron, Dean, and Vince before Tom. Tom is the most easy to get along with, it looks like, and he has a tight bond with Vince and Elaine. I think he’ll be okay.

6. Elaine Stott- Elaine did a great job in the challenge, seems to be well-liked by her tribe, and has Vince and Tom in her back pocket. Elaine may be a deep player in the game.

5. Janet Carbin- SUPER MOM dominated in the swimming portion of the challenge. I think she’ll be able to show off that strength again this week. She was always in the decision making about booting Molly with Lauren and Tommy and Kellee. She never seems to be in a dominating position either, always just being the eyes and ears, and being the trustworthy moral compass of the group. She’s in a really incredible position, and I think she’ll be the one I root for to win the million dollars as time goes by.

4. Missy Byrd- Missy has lots of good relationships, and seems to be the number one challenge asset on Lairo Tribe. She’ll be solid going forward, and even if the boys flip on the girls, I don’t see Missy being the one who gets taken out.

3. Kellee Kim- I don’t like the lie she made about the urns, but maybe I’m thinking too deeply into it. I liked Kellee’s ability to say no and let Rob negotiate. I like how she faked a whole breakdown so people wouldn’t be suspicious of her or search for an idol. And I like how she put the idol in her HAIR. A Survivor first. She did a great job navigating this week, and has an idol to use in 2 more tribals that her tribe goes to. I like her odds.

2. Tommy Sheehan- Tommy is probably the most solid one on his tribe, having made great relationships with people like Janet and Lauren, while also having relationships with people on the bottom like Jack and Jamal. I think Tommy is going to have lots of room to maneuver and make his best move. I don’t think he’s as blatantly in control as Molly, and for that, we’ll see him skate along to the merge at least.

1. Chelsea Walker- Chelsea made a fire and found an idol in the span of 5 minutes. What a terrific episode for her. If only she were in a dominant women’s alliance—oh wait. Player of the week.

This is a unique season where I think only 6 or 7 people are totally safe, and there are more than half of the cast that can justify being eliminated. Noura and Jason could be on the outs again, or maybe Jamal and Jack will stay on the outs. Or there’s Karishma who is going to have an injury, or Elizabeth whose lie will be figured out sooner or later, and then the men on the Lairo tribe who seem to be on the outs, with Vince and Aaron having verbal arguments about last week. I really don’t know where this vote is going to go, and which tribe is even going to lose or win. So I”ll play it safe and say that this injury puts Karishma on the outs and eventually gets her sent out. You need your hands in the game of Survivor, and if she slices through one, it’ll be a huge set-back.


Going Home- Karishma Patel




1. Chelsea (+6)
2. Tommy (+2)
3. Kellee (+9)
4. Missy (+2)
5. Janet (-4)
6. Elaine (+7)
7. Tom (+2)
8. Dean (+2)
9. Lauren (-1)
10. Dan (+5)
11. Jack (-9)
12. Vince (+6)
13. Jason (+4)
14. Noura (+2)
15. Aaron (+4)
16. Elizabeth (-2)
17. Jamal (-12)
18. Karishma (-7)

Biggest Rise: Kellee (+9)
Biggest Drop: Jamal (-12)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Oct 9, 2019
I believe the only way Karishma actually goes home is if she is med evac’d.
I really think the people in danger to be VOTED out are:


Sent by Matedog1209,Oct 9, 2019

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