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America's Got Talent S14 Power Rankings (Finals)

Sep 18, 2019 by PowerRankings101
imageI’ll say right now, as disappointed as I’ve been with a lot of the past performances, semifinals, etc. I am overjoyed with how great these finals performances were. All top notch. All mostly everyone’s best performances of the season. And probably half of these were the best of AGT’s final acts ever. I loved it. So let’s rank.

10. Detroit Youth Choir- If anyone disappointed tonight, it’s DYC. Yes, they’re talented. Yes, they have heart. Yes, they have passion. But they already sang this song before, and didn’t bring much new to the table. If they had went with a different song and maybe ended with a little bit of this one, they might have a serious shot at winning. But they sang pretty much a carbon copy of a past performance, and for that, I think they’ll see their journey on the show come to a close quicker than anyone else.

9. Tyler Butler-Figueroa- Poor Tyler’s violin playing has never been out of sync with the music until now. However, he still delivered and did his best, and still showed the passion and joy we’ve grown to love from him. I think he was burdened by the backup music. Whereas Benicio and Kodi excelled from minimal background stuff, Tyler suffered because of it. He still has a huge career ahead of him, and I love the kid.

8. Emanne Beasha- I love Emanne and think her voice is absolutely stunning. In a night like tonight, it’s hard for anyone to out rank anyone else, and shockingly, that puts Emanne at my 8th spot in the rankings. But this doesn’t discredit how good she is. I think her past few songs have been a bit more exciting, though Emanne definitely ended on a super strong note (get it?), and left me satisfied with her performance. I do think going so early on in a night FULL of singers, she gets a bit forgotten by the end for me, but I still love her and wouldn’t be upset to see her take it all.

7. Light Balance Kids- I love these kids and their Marvel routine last time had me reeling. I think this was a step down—slightly. The theming of food was a bit odd, but definitely shows that they have material to fill a whole show with. I think they’re outstanding talents, and to do it as kids, I am even more impressed. I think they’ll come short in voting just because there are other large groups that will receive votes, but I still love the heck out of these guys.

6. Ryan Niemiller- Ryan saved one of his best sets for last, and truly won me over with such a great final routine. I was down on Ryan last week, but he definitely showed me again what potential he has. Comedy doesn’t always stand out amongst all these acts with so much production value and numbers of people, but Ryan makes his comedy memorable, and I could see him having a successful career from this.

5. Benicio Bryant- I love Benicio’s voice so damn much, and while I’ve preferred a few of his older songs to this one, I still absolutely loved it. His control, his powerful high notes, and his soulful connection to the lyrics definitely make him a standout and prove that he is here to not only win, but to make a successful career out of this. I liked this one a lot.

4. Voices of Service- I haven’t loved them at all this competition, but I am finally hooked! I think they delivered their very best for last, and it may be a little too late to win me over, but I still loved it. They brought soul, passion, and some of the best harmonies I’ve ever heard on the show. I’m surprised how much I loved this one.

3. V. Unbeatable- They’ve been arguably my favorite act of the whole competition, and they ended on such a high note. Placing third on my rankings seems way too low for them, but that’s just the way it played out (possibly them going first, and the fact that other acts hit more emotional beats for ME), but I otherwise adored them. Their stunts just keep getting bigger and better, and they showed off some insanely impressive ones this time around too. I was in awe watching them as I always am, and I wish they could’ve saved them for last, but I loved them starting off the finals on such a high note.

2. Kodi Lee- This was Kodi’s best vocal by far. I always thought Kodi’s story overshadowed his talent, but this was the first time I felt that Kodi truly stood out as a vocalist and musician, and I am incredibly pleased to fully support Kodi winning it all. I hope he gets the votes, and I think he will. I loved every moment of his journey, and especially this successful finale.

1. Ndlovu Youth Choir- I never loved these guys as much as tonight, but something about their performance won me over and actually made me vote for them. They came onto the show to spread pure joy, amazing harmonies, impressive dancing, and their song choice of “Africa” by Toto sealed the deal alone as one of my favorite songs. The fact that they landed in the Dunkin’ Save twice in the past makes me feel like they won’t be able to get the votes to win, but if others responded to this one like me, they’ll certainly make top 5. I love them love them love them. I wish they had done stuff like this earlier on. My favorite act of the night for the pure joy it made me feel.

This has always been a race between Kodi and V. Unbeatable, and I think it’ll come down to that at the end of the day. I think DYC and Ndlovu Youth Choir won’t both make it to the top 5, so unfortunately, DYC has to go. I think Emanne, Tyler, and Light Balance Kids also just didn’t do enough to garner a spot in the top 5. Voices of Service has had great voting backing, but maybe the choirs upstaged them. For this reason, I think Ryan and Benicio will join Kodi, Unbeatable, and NYC in the top 5. As for fifth, I think Ryan takes it. I just don’t see him taking on these big fan favorites. I think the choir being in the Dunkin’ Save in the past will put them a bit lower than I wish they could be, and they’ll get 4th. Benicio will probably get 3rd, as I’ve said, it’s been a battle of Kodi and V. Unbeatable the whole time. I think we’ll see Kodi get his confetti and win, though V. Unbeatable could surprise, and it wouldn’t even be that much of a surprise. I think Kodi has had the full social media backing, and while Courtney Hadwin didn’t make top 5 last season, I think she is a lot more divisive than Kodi is. 


Winner- Kodi Lee

Second Place- V. Unbeatable

Third Place- Benicio Bryant

Fourth Place- Ndlovu Youth Choir

Fifth Place- Ryan Niemiller



1. Kodi Lee
2. Detroit Youth Choir
3. Ryan Niemiller
4. V. Unbeatable
5. Voices of Service
(3/5, with only one correct placement)
Sent by PowerRankings101,Sep 18, 2019
It should have been Kodi, V. Unbeatable, and Voices of Service in top Three
Sent by cutecook,Sep 18, 2019

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