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Survivor S36 Power Rankings (Top 18)

Mar 7, 2018 by PowerRankings101
imageThis was an incredible premiere. Despite some people get nearly zero screen time (Chelsea, Libby, Bradley, Angela), some people got some great starts to their story arcs. And Jacob…well…he surely brought the entertainment, but definitely got over-paranoid and screwed himself. As for my rankings, you’re sure to see a big switch up, as I was definitely off on some players going into this season.

18. Chelsea Townsend- Chelsea didn’t get a single line in this past episode…I don’t think the camera even went to her. This could either mean that they’re saving all the good stuff for later, or she’ll be booted shortly like Simone from last season (who got no confessionals in episode 1, only to go home in episode 2). I’m gonna go with the latter. 

17. Angela Perkins- I thought Angela would be the Chrissy/Ben hybrid of this season. But she just seems to be the older lady who doesn’t get much screen time. Not the best first impression for a first episode.

16. Donathan Hurley- Donathan deserves a lot of credit for turning the tribe against Gonzalez. Sure, Stephanie Johnson helped with that, but Donathan was the one who started the movement. In the second episode, he did finally dive down to get the items under the water, but it seemed like he had given up before that. I think his weakness shows, and unless he keeps being sent to Ghost Island or really finds a tight alliance, I really don’t know how much further Donathan will go. He’s surely going to be an underdog that people will root for, but he’s got a long way to go if he wants to be safe.

15. Chris Noble- Chris wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as I expected him to be. He did lots of good things…he made a tight alliance with Sebastian, and he led his team to two immunity wins. But the problem is his conflict with Domenick. The whole tribe seems to like Domenick (with the exception of Chris and Sebastian), so Chris is outnumbered in that sense. Also, the way the show is setting it up, the fake idol that Domenick made to show Chris may end up in a big ol’ blindside…and when it comes down to it, Domenick’s real idol beats Chris’s fake idol every time. I think we’re still gonna get a few more episodes of Chris vs. Domenick, but sooner or later, the inevitable is bound to happen.

14. Sebastian Noel- Sebastian made a terrible mistake, and I don’t think many people noticed. He basically told Wendell that they should vote out Domenick BEFORE they even had the challenge. First off, why even make targets when you haven’t even competed in the challenge? Second, why put the target on Domenick, the guy who is clearly one of the favorites of the tribe? Third, why tell Wendell, Domenick’s biggest ally? Sebastian isn’t the brightest guy, and I could honestly see him going sooner than expected.

13. Desiree Afuye- Desiree only had a little bit of screen time in the beginning of the episode, when she was doing a terrible job on the puzzle, causing Chris to pull the lever and end the challenge. Not a great first impression, and if her tribe needs to find a target, it could easily be her.

12. James Lim- James let his team down big time, but they still went with Jacob for elimination. James plays SUCH an honest game. I do admire it, but if he keeps taking the blame for everything, he’s eventually going to be sent home. He has to be able to throw the target on someone else, but he seems to honorable and humble to do that. And if you aren’t cutthroat, you will never do well on Survivor.

11. Libby Vineck- Libby was on the losing tribe, went to tribal council twice, and I don’t think I heard her say a single word. She seems to be with the majority though, and is likely someone who will go with the flow. Those people never win, but won’t go home just yet.

10. Laurel Johnson- Laurel, like Libby, seemed to go with the flow on the last vote. I expected her to be a bigger player this season, but maybe we have just yet to see it.

9. Michael Yerger- Michael was brought up as a potential target for his team, but was ultimately spared (probably for challenge strength). I actually like Michael and his journey so far, so I hope he sticks around. It’d be cool for him to make it to the end and drop the bomb that he’s 18 years old. There’s a LOT more game to be played before that happens, but I think he’ll stick around for a little while.

8. Brendan Shapiro- Brendan was made to be a leader. Though he and Michael were a bit on the outside of the second vote, I think he is still someone people need to keep around for numbers and strength. And he’s smart enough to know if he’s in trouble, and I believe he’ll get out of it okay.

7. Bradley Kleihege- Bradley seems like a strong guy, and has some good bonds on his team, so he’ll stick around. But I do want to see more of him since he was nearly invisible last episode. C’mon producers, you have 2 hours of airtime and can’t have him say SOMETHING?

6. Kellyn Bechtold- Kellyn dominated on the puzzle, despite not getting much screen time. I think I underestimated her, and I’m glad I was wrong, because I think we’re gonna see a lot from Kellyn in the future. A little more screen time, and I might put her higher on this list.

5. Jenna Bowman- My pre-season winner pick didn’t do a ton this episode, but she made an alliance with Stephanie, who was the episode’s MVP. So that’s good looking forward. I think Jenna will make moves later on, but laying low is what she needs to do right now, and I think it’s working.

4. Morgan Ricke- Morgan has a legacy advantage, and she’s absolutely dominant in water challenges. There’s a potential Stephanie-Morgan alliance waiting to happen too, since Jacob told Stephanie about the Legacy Advantage. I think Morgan is in a great position.

3. Domenick Abbate- Dom is truly a character, and I like him a lot. He’s playing very strong out the gate, which means this is either going to be Dom’s season or he’ll suffer a massive downfall or blindside halfway through. Right now though, he has an idol, and will surely be safe.

2. Wendell Holland- Wendell is my favorite this season. He is a law school graduate, but can keep that a secret since he’s also a furniture builder. And, he can use that furniture building to his advantage around camp (did you SEE that crab trap?). Also, he’s aligned with Domenick, the guy who has the idol. Wendell is in a golden position, and he’s an overall likable guy. I’m rooting for him. 

1. Stephanie Johnson- Stephanie surprised me the most this episode. I predicted her to be the first one out, and now she tops my rankings. Isn’t that something? She orchestrated some amazing moves this week. She’s the reason Donathan stayed in the first half. And while Jacob did go home, Stephanie was the one who made him comfortable and made him feel safe. Jacob even told her that Morgan has the Legacy Advantage, which opens up another door for Stephanie. If Stephanie keeps this up, she could really run this whole game. She has Jenna (my pre-season winner pick) in her back pocket, and if she can turn the game around like she did with the past two boots, I don’t know how she doesn’t make it far in this game.

So, as you can see, Stephanie and Kellyn really jumped up in my rankings, and Angela and Sebastian took a major dip. I really think we’re going to lose someone who had little screen time (Angela, Chelsea, or Bradley). Between the three, Bradley seems to be the most valuable in challenges, and Angela seems to be more likable. So my prediction is Chelsea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Donathan goes home or the alliance of Chris and Sebastian gets blindsided.


Going Home- Chelsea Townsend



Usually ur rankings are spot on. A bit dissapointed by these ones:
-Domenick made the worst move possible by showing Chris a fake idol (that defeats the purpose since he has a real idol anyway). Why tell it to ur enemy? Or anyone?
Also, he called Chris out at the reward challenge which was stupid.

Also, Desiree did not do as terrible as you think. Not to mention that she won the second immunity challenge for they're tribe.

and btw, there's a swap this episode.
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 7, 2018
Birks4444 Thank you for the useful feedback. The first episode was full of so much stuff, and I didn’t get a chance to rewatch before writing this up. For the future, I’ll make sure to really thoroughly examine to provide the best rankings possible!! Hope you still enjoy reading!
Sent by PowerRankings101,Mar 8, 2018
PowerRankings101 haha no worries I love ur commitment and am a big fan of them :)
I will keep reading for sure!
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 8, 2018

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