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  1. -current bb20 rankings-
  2. ...and there goes the eyecandy
  3. I don't get why ppl hate on brett
  4. Final Reckoning premiere SUCKED!
  5. controversial rankings
  6. so i ended up splitting b/t kaitlyn/brett
  7. Actually voting Brett for the power
  8. voting bayleigh for the power
  9. this is the best result for an hoh comp EVER!
  10. hahah kaitlyn did THAT
  11. I haaate stan twitter
  12. Ppl who hate Level 6 are so shallow
  13. KAitlyn is going home
  14. is kaitlyn in danger of being the renom?
  15. Me at Kaitlyn's amazing edit
  16. do ppl hate Winston bc "guns"?
  17. Rankings (srry to those who hate males)
  19. The guy cast makes BB20 is so promising!
  20. pregame rankings
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  22. Tag an obnoxious person on this site
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  24. BBUK: Vote to evict 1 housemate in this poll!
  25. Week 1: The Challenge BB S3
  26. Hell Week: Vote to Save
  27. has anyone seen "The OA" ?
  28. The Challenge BB S2 Winner
  29. all of the IRL drama on here is sooo petty
  30. FINAL CALL: Vote Dunbar or Jonna to win!
  31. The worst most realistic BB20 Cast
  32. Finale (Pt. 2): The Challenge BB S2
  33. Finale (Pt. 1): The Challenge BB S2
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  35. Week 11: The Challenge BB S2
  36. Until Dawn: Deserted: Episode 5
  37. Week 10: The Challenge BB S2
  38. Double Eviction #2: The Challenge BB S2
  39. Week 9: The Challenge BB S2
  40. BBUK: Week 5- VOTE to SAVE

Both first boots were icons

Jan 2, 2018 by PoohSnap
Always looove Nicole's commentary & Rogan was 馃槏



TEAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I knew spoilers and it was still hard to watch.
Sent by snowflake3,Jan 2, 2018

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