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Group Game Host Blog Tag!

14thJul 26, 2019 by Pokepat
Obviously I am probably not the most "known" host on this website, but I figure I'll do this to keep up the trend and since I've hosted fourteen full seasons of survivor. Thanks to noobsmoke13 for the original idea and Cmack311 for the modified version.

1. What has been your best group game hosting experience and why?
By a long shot, I think my eleventh season of survivor was the best of them all. Every single episode brought me to root for the underdogs only to seem them fail time and time again throughout the pre-merge, only for the dominant players to crack under the pressure and start to crumble. Every round was unexpected, and the twist worked out exactly how I imagined it. The cast really gave it their all and I loved the season.

2. What has been your worst group game hosting experience and why?
I have my first season and my thirteenth season tied for this spot. A whole bunch of inactivity combined with a pagonging leads to a hard hosting life. I think I didn't notice it as much during my first season because I had just started, but when you're two years into hosting and you come across an inactive cast, it's hard to mark it as a good game to host.

3. What is your favorite group game you have hosted?
Since I have already talked about New Zealand, I think I will go with Fiji on this one. Although there were a few inactives, this game was active and chaotic and I loved it. The cast was great and the tribe dynamics were a mess. It also led to a Nadiya/Natalie arc, when Kolby purposefully got himself voted out first only for his partner in crime Robby to go on and win the season.

4. Who is/are your favorite player(s)?
Ahhh! This is so hard, but my top 10 (in no specific order) are: tyleror hufus NopalitoLegend01 WillTraitor Joshbb17 J2999 sihz YoundAndReckless LimaBean ThePug

5. What is your favorite challenge you ever hosted?
I love hosting my "battleship"-esque challenge, even if it takes an hour or so to come up with a winner. I do also love the "Pick Your Poison" challenge because it forces people to either play for themselves or play for the tribe.

6. If you are no longer hosting, would you ever return...if you are still hosting, do you see an end in sight?
I am still hosting as I started my fifteenth season today. I don't know what the future holds for my Survivor series, but I have begun to think about it's end. It might be sooner than later, all depends on what direction I want to end in. Realistically, I have three more years in my high school career to continue this, but I don't know if I want to be pre-occupied hosting games on this website during my senior year of high school.

7. What is your favorite elimination/episode?
I think my Belize finale night takes the case for this one. While I have had many crazy tribal councils during my series, the finale held in store two crazy boots and one mediocre boot, but ultimately this would be my favorite episode. From Tyler misplaying his idol trying to make a huge move and getting himself voted out, to Ben coming out of inactivity to get into a fight with Jenna at final four, and then finally the first final two of the series ending in Will's elimination, which does hurt to replay.

8. What is some advice you would give to younger hosts who don't have much experience?
Organization and Perseverance are two key factors! I have to be organized at all times to make sure everything is correct and ready for the season. I always get paranoid that I have something forgotten, so I need to keep it all sealed with a neat ribbon. Perseverance is also a key aspect because honestly? hosting can get tired. Feeling exhausted and worn out is a part of hosting and you may feel a lot of negativity and not wanting to finish out the season or move forward. But you have to keep at it and hope that a better season will come along and surprise you yet again.


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Pokepat im down making a group game host blog tag
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