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Group Game Blog Tag

Jul 22, 2019 by Pokepat
Thank Livingston for the great idea! I'm going to try and get this to not flop, so let's give this a spin.

1. What has been your best group game experience and why?
My best group game experience would have to be Julian's Survivor Namibia. I came into that season as a joke with two of my friends, purplebb4 and ThePug. We had perfected a "meme strategy" that would test the social aspects of the game and some of the strategical aspects. When the three of us all made merge, I ditched the strategy and we began playing the game to the fullest. And it was the most chaotic, most fun game I have ever played. I loved the entire cast and made a ton of friends, and I really played my heart out. The host and the cast made the entire experience worth it.

2. What has been your worst group game experience and why?
There have been a few group games that I've totally flopped in, but I would say that the worst was Suitman's Flop Nation: Rivals. No discredit to Shawn, I completely love him as a host, but the casting choices were enough to have five people quit before the season even started. I knew I was going to hate every second of the season, and I wasn't going to participate in something that would make me miserable, so I stepped from the game before it began.

3. What are some of the best alliance names you have been a part of?

#MemeGirls - Potentially one of the best to ever cross Julian's Survivor, if I do say so myself. We were so chaotic and between speaking in quotes for half the season, to miraculously managing to screw each of ourselves over in the game, I truly enjoyed playing with this alliance and MemeGirls will go down in history.
#TrialAndError - Going into Mud's Survivor I never thought it would be so impactful, but combining forces with Harry we made up one of the best alliances I've been a part of. Trial and Error was truly a trial and error. We kept trying different things throughout the game and overcame our errors until we got eliminated. Playing with Harry again in Zac and Crypt's TAR was so fun and we actually managed to pull off a win.

4. What is a series you wish you could return to that you haven't yet?
Honestly I've returned to most of the active series still left that I've played in, but I haven't returned to L&J's, so I guess that? I don't know if Tim has any plans for returnee seasons but I'd be down to return!

5. What are some group games you would love to play but haven't yet?
Purple's Survivor, Suitman's Survivor, that's it I guess! I would play my own series if I could haha!

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Meme strategy is my new favorite thing <3
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Ooh I’m doing this
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