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  1. This is the current speculated cast for..
  3. LMAO
  4. Wow the only team
  5. I'm ordering door dash
  6. So is Natalie on this season
  8. Is my avi still working
  9. Are mails broken?
  10. Can you see my avatar
  11. One good thing about the skype update
  12. Did someone really perm themselves
  13. Who remembers Tameka Reshawn
  14. LMAO Jemmye tweeted for Morgan to upgrade her wifi
  15. Bayleigh from bb20
  16. Ew at Swaggy C, Fessy, and Bayleigh
  17. That poor girl trying to interview Brady
  18. What are the CBB alliances?
  19. What's that thing called
  20. Just ordered some middle eastern food
  21. Fuck Batman
  22. The World will freeze
  23. Can Mods check IPs now?
  24. Fun Fact:
  25. Do people actually listen to music
  26. Me- I much rather LOOK stupid than BE stupid...
  27. only someone delusional would say this
  28. So Rose Mulet
  29. Spiderman Far From Home
  30. *Sees the CBB Cast*
  31. Wow the CBB cast
  32. It seems too predictable
  33. Are people keeping up with the
  34. I went all of 2018
  35. 2018 was the worst year
  36. Imagine if Kandee joined stars
  37. Rank the HP Movies
  38. For all you Harry Potter fans
  39. Do the harry potter movies go together?
  40. What happens when you pass away

This is the current speculated cast for All-Winners

May 15, 2019 by Piddu
1. Richard Hatch
2. Yul Kwon
3. Rob Mariano (people speculating he may drop)
4. Tyson Apostol
5. Tony Vlachos
6. Jeremy Collins
7. Adam Klein
8. Ben Driebergen
9. Wendell Holland
10. Nick Wilson

1. Tina Wesson
2. Sandra Diaz-Twine
3. Danni Boatwright
4. Parvati Shallow
5. Sophie Clarke
6. Kim Spradlin
7. Denise Stapley
8. Natalie Anderson
9. Michele Fitzgerald
10. Sarah Lacina


The women are probably going to win
Sent by Cmack311,May 15, 2019
Sent by Birks4444,May 15, 2019
The women better slay
Sent by harrywasnak,May 15, 2019

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