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  1. One of the girls from mtvs the challenge
  2. Jun Song is doing an AMA
  3. Happy Valentine's Day
  4. CBBUS Rankings
  5. Champs vs Stars Season 3 Cast
  6. Going to school
  7. Am I screwed?
  8. Why didnt they replace Eddie
  9. I've seen
  10. Why you getting high blood pressure
  11. Halloween I know you seen my blogs
  12. Please come home
  13. I lost my best friend
  14. Fuck u
  15. Did Lunapark actually pass?
  16. If there is only one person
  17. So sick and tired of
  18. Is that a piplup
  19. Happy 馃帺 SKANKSGIVING 馃憚
  20. Is survivor on
  21. Why are people attacking Levoninis mother
  22. He keeps flirting with me
  23. For people who play League
  24. I need some new shows to watch
  25. How do you piss at a urinal
  26. The TBB crew is crazy
  27. This girl ghosted me
  28. What is everyone dressing up for halloween
  29. Really Allison?
  30. Really Allison?
  31. My gay ass father decided
  32. Ok
  33. My dad is legit psychotic
  35. The blogs page is so messy today
  36. My manager always talks shit about his staff
  37. Everyone make sure
  38. Dating a girl that my parents dont like
  39. My parents are literally psycho
  40. Someone explain this kneeling thing

Jun Song is doing an AMA

Mar 5, 2018 by Piddu
On reddit right now btw


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