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  1. What is the league discord
  2. Why did Brett not tell the jury
  3. What Marie did in this ep
  4. Wear black for Petro
  5. Just got fucked
  6. Triplets
  7. I was telling
  8. Who has live stream link to AHS
  9. Lol
  10. Glad to see my hardwork paid off
  11. Fighterman and 0 min ago
  12. The Super Bottom Shirt looks weird
  13. Omg watch this
  14. I got rear ended this morning
  15. What's an otter doing on a spaceship
  16. How do you even get triggered
  17. Running to the store
  18. My sons baby teeth are coming in
  19. Link me to bb
  20. Someone gift me Picatchu hat
  21. Who has 300ts
  22. During the Task 9 episode of TTRS 46,
  23. I thought Arcanine got banned
  24. Imagine if Diva1 was the mod
  25. Where do people buy cats from?
  26. That means we might get a double eviction
  27. Do they get to see everyones goodbye message
  28. Why are they showing Veto meeting?
  29. I believe people are in your life
  30. Ok
  31. I feel like Brett would
  32. how much do you tip delivery person
  33. He get to call me a bitch
  34. CBS showing Angela and Brett's goodbye message
  35. Marie telling Cara to get off Kyle
  37. I didn't lose my virginity
  38. It is so hard to root for Hive/Foutte
  39. Whats an otter doing on a spaceship?
  40. Whats an otter doing on a spaceship?

Jun Song is doing an AMA

Mar 5, 2018 by Piddu
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