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*Win a Gift* Come up w/ Shop Name!

Nov 23, 2010 by Piddu
if you got anything catchy and I use it and that shop wins you'll get a nice gift?

hint: i'd like something with my username in it!


" piddu for you "
Plussed :) Please return the favor and play!!!
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 23, 2010
Piddus shop.
there :p

now help me please
Sent by MintCokeify,Nov 23, 2010
Piddu the Beast!
Sent by Matthew919,Nov 23, 2010


Sent by Seal,Nov 23, 2010
I like Pidductions!!
Sent by Diva1,Nov 23, 2010

"clothes for the piddu in you"

Sent by QueenDoe,Nov 23, 2010
"You Heart Piddu"
Sent by Endo360,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by bekla123,May 3, 2011
I will like Pidductions as soon as i can buy something from it! I find always sold out! O.O
Sent by FedeBenna,May 6, 2011
Sent by Fancy,May 7, 2011
Sent by MBG93,Jan 7, 2012
"piddu is the true"
Sent by SurvivoroftheTocans,Jul 15, 2014

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