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Apr 20, 2012 by Piddu
Seana86's design was supposed to get in before mine, but my design got in because my spammer spammed her design to get negged (shame on him). So anyone who plusses/comments on Seana's design, will be in put into a drawing for a gift! If you already plussed, then comment!

But it has to get in next daychange or it might expire!

PS: My other design is the mouth in second, right below her design, so I'm just trying to get her design in before my other one, since my first one went in before hers.

Winner: Ireks


Sent by dmann,Apr 20, 2012
piddu u dont have to do this .... its not ur fault, ilysm
Sent by seana86,Apr 20, 2012
Sent by krazyjordan7,Apr 20, 2012
you can take your gift and shove it up ur bottom!!
Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 20, 2012

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