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Gift Giveaway Results!!!

Apr 6, 2012 by Piddu
image(I may have made a mistake but this was the closest one I could find, correct me if I'm wrong)

Anyway I had 10373.3T when I blogged. (Sadly I am under 10k now because I gifted Kimmal8 the skin) :(

The closest ones I found were:

Sent by brandonpinzu, 27.8

Sent by JeanTheBean, 23.0

So grats to JeanTheBean for being the closest, you will be gifted later this week. Brandonpinzu is on my survivor tribe so I'm kinda glad he didn't win because people would be like rigged!

(Also Castings got 3rd and he was the first person to post on the blog so that was interesting)


Yay =D
Sent by _Aria,Apr 6, 2012
I thought I won D: I got excited tbh
Sent by Castings,Apr 6, 2012
Piddu ^^
Sent by Castings,Apr 6, 2012
LOL sorry ;[ piddu
Sent by kimmal8,Apr 6, 2012

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