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  1. I have a rare nerve condition
  2. Just some things I been thinking
  3. The Challenge YAY
  4. life is hard
  5. Can someone please educate me
  6. I’ve been on this site
  7. Ok but lol
  8. Johnny Bananas lol
  9. Survivor’s been good this season
  10. God: 8
  11. I'm logging out for a while
  13. List of people who suck:
  14. This is my official retirement from frookies
  15. I'M SO TIRED
  16. Hey everyone
  17. J O I N F RO O O K I E S
  18. If you don't listen to
  19. idc what anyone says
  20. join frookies please please
  21. I’m not going to live much longer
  22. LMAO
  23. I haven't asked a single person
  24. FUCK YOU
  25. Hey guys,
  26. my terrorist cousin was kicked out
  28. What is Tengaged’s opinion on Kam?
  29. Derrick and Tori being voted in
  30. What should I do tonight?
  31. Exposing myself
  32. I dreamt I was being suffocated
  33. Please comment on this blog
  34. please join frookies
  35. BIRKS4444
  36. The last time I did this bad
  37. I'm totally frooking tonight
  38. At seventeen I started to starve myself
  39. Has anyone here been to a comicon?
  40. my sister told my mom I'm gay

I accidentally ate some mold

Sep 19, 2018 by Philip13
What will happen?


your body will turn to mold from the inside out
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 19, 2018
Turn gay
Sent by ManniBoi,Sep 19, 2018
You'll make it, girl.
Sent by _Aria,Sep 19, 2018

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