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  1. I was so robbed
  3. if more people join frookies
  4. anyone watching CNN?
  5. The Challenge Spoilers
  6. The truth is
  7. I felt bad for James at the beginning
  8. Ok I need to come clean
  9. Anyone watching CNN?
  10. Guess how many mails I have
  11. HELP ME
  13. Please Jesus
  14. Remember in 2014-2016
  15. Craving a sky level <3
  16. Attention Blue Levels!!!
  17. Rainbow Ladder UC
  18. vote mona to tie it
  19. CBBUS Rankings!
  20. Can someone tell me
  21. Idec
  22. In grade 8,
  23. Just wanted to pop on and say
  24. Alright everyone you need to acknowledge this
  25. awww
  26. o shit
  27. Congrats to Chibideidara
  28. can we take a moment
  29. Shannon reminds me of Marley from Glee hardcore
  30. M.A.Y in the Backyard by Sakamoto is so good
  31. If u r my friend
  32. gross
  33. if i win survivor
  34. I’m always posting blogs
  35. Really, Big Brother?
  36. LMAO
  37. Hasn't been nommed yet
  38. I don’t feel like a human
  39. Post a song
  40. I miss him :(

is talking to oneself normal?

Feb 9, 2018 by Philip13
i talk to myself like im 2 different people and i do it excessively


I do it on occasion. Then again, I'm not normal
Sent by woeisme,Feb 9, 2018
Do u answer?
Sent by Matisse,Feb 9, 2018
Etienne does this but on the internet
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Feb 9, 2018

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