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  1. + if you have a dishwasher
  2. I forgot people have belly buttons
  3. I had a dream
  4. This is late but
  5. I have so many things to do
  6. The 100 spoiler don’t look
  7. If all of my TG friends
  8. I love how some women pronounce
  9. The first time I’ve ever used a urinal
  10. I used to be the child
  11. People who hate on fat people,
  12. I’ve been at a stable 150 pounds
  13. I’m excited to wake up
  14. Mile 22?
  15. I have information that will lead
  16. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift can’t sing
  17. Today was my only day off
  18. My left side really is my good side
  19. The AGT judges suck at judging
  20. Please vote redwing91 so i stay :)
  21. I got a paycheck
  22. Is this crown the same
  23. I collect Versace designs and crowns
  24. Gentle reminder
  25. It seems like half this site
  26. I’m so afraid of hitting a dead-end
  28. I only have 5 streaks on snapchat
  29. I want a boyfriend
  31. Hello blogs page
  32. I need a boyfriend before Friday
  33. I too readily believe
  34. If he asked me to marry rn
  35. I started talking to a guy on Grindr
  36. If rockstar wins veto
  37. Who has the best pink look?
  38. Any at home remedies
  39. How can i get rid of a cough
  40. Could someone please gift me

I have some kind of mental problem

Feb 8, 2018 by Philip13
But I have no money for a therapist, so I can’t get treatment to be normal. This is what leads people to drug abuse or becoming a serial killer.
I bet Jack the Ripper didn’t have money for a therapist.


I doubt therapy was helpful back then
Sent by harrywasnak,Feb 8, 2018
Go to Human Services, there are many call lines that you can use as well, depending on what your problem is
This website helped me with a relative who had schizophrenia, the police and hospitals refused to help us because said relative had info on who was dealing drugs in the town, and they wanted to exploit her mental illness instead of helping her and us, she was dangerous and volatile and eventually a hospital had to step in, she had no job or anything at the time and is now doing very well... There's always hope
Sent by tomhartnell,Feb 8, 2018
Just be yourself mental and all.
Sent by 2Evolution,Feb 8, 2018
2Evolution it’s not fun watching other people be ok, living their lives and knowing I can never be like them
Sent by Philip13,Feb 8, 2018
tomhartnell thank you.
Sent by Philip13,Feb 8, 2018

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