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Ohai, just realized you could change this

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waves Jun 21, 2022
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hi besties May 26, 2022
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hello friends Apr 19, 2022
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hi besties Mar 22, 2022
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30 is a good number to end on, not gonna lie Mar 6, 2022
Nearly 6 months of merging, it was gonna happen eventually that one of these swaps was gonna get me! My bag of tricks was finally empty, whoopsies! It's been (mostly) a blast! Getting closer to some friends, making new ones, and everything in between!

It'd be a lot of people to tag on who helped me along the way, and who I've really loved throughout, and I ain't about to write an essay about it, but thank you to everyone for making the experience enjoyable!! It made it exciting to try and get out of sticky situations when they came up, leading to some of the best moments (shoutout to Survivor_fanpage123 for that insane round of last minute immunity plays where kimmal8 and I were SHAKING in our boots and it turned into a stupid 3-2-2-1 split, def one of the craziest rounds I had during my run)

Hopefully not too many hard feelings along the way, it was difficult to juggle survivability and making friends while trying to not be tooooo snaky, even though I had to be shady a few times and that's kinda just what it is, but I genuinely liked so many people, including some that I voted out =[ <3

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waves Mar 1, 2022
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