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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Advices in life

Jan 19, 2024 by Pavaneli
from Mr Pavaneli and Mrs Yoko_Homo
Tell us your problem and we will find a solution!
Your favorite psychologists, now on tengaged.
Yall should tell your problems in the comments!!!! We all know you have problems that need to be fixed


meu problema é o inter tá sem um volante ainda, resolve pra mim
Sent by SemNome,Jan 19, 2024
I funny endorse Panveli, fully licensed therapist and fulltime listener. 5 stars
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 19, 2024
Pavaneli loooool, why do I keep fucking it in blogs but I can do it in game looool
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 19, 2024

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