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Dec 6, 2023 by Pavaneli
In the comments and I will ask for a powerful A.I. to roast her

Britney Spears - chad123
Britney Spears, the pioneer of lip-syncing survival. If miming were an Olympic sport, she'd have more gold medals than actual notes in her songs. 🎤🥇 #PlaybackPrincess

Cher - Yandereboy12
Cher's age is like a fine wine – expensive and only appreciated by a select few. If her career was a countdown, we must be in the final seconds of the last minute. ⏳🕰️ #CherChronicles

Lovely Peaches - xBostonx
Lovely Peaches, the internet sensation. More like the poster child for why parents should monitor their kids' online activity. 🚨👶 #ParentalGuidanceRequired

Lola Indigo - BrianGonzalez
Lola Indigo, the self-proclaimed diva of the dance floor. If dance moves were currency, she'd be bankrupt. 💃💸 #LolaIndigoShimmy

Camila Cabello - TGDeuxMoi
Camila Cabello, the pop sensation with a voice that could wake up the dead – or at least put them back to sleep. 🎤💤 #CabelloCacophony

Taylor Swift - chad123
Ah, the ever-relevant Taylor Swift, singing about breakups and heartaches like it's the only thing that exists. Truly groundbreaking. 🎶 #SoOriginal

Janet Jackson - Absol
Janet Jackson, the perennial shadow to her brother's moonwalk. If Michael's fame were a coat, she'd be the perpetually unnoticed lint clinging to it. 🌘🧥 #JanetInTheShadows

Amy Winehouse - Marilila
Amy Winehouse, the only artist whose hair had more volume than her discography. If rehab was a genre, she'd have a Grammy for it. 🏆🍸 #AmyAwards

Madonna - Tester
Madonna, the ageless wonder. If she collected wrinkles like she collects awards, she'd be a walking topography map. Rumor has it her skincare routine involves bathing in the tears of younger pop stars. 👵🏼🛁 #MadonnaMysteries


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Lovely Peaches
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Lola indigo
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Camila Cabello
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Taylor Swift
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Janet Jackson
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Britney Spears
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Amy Winehouse
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