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Dec 6, 2023 by Pavaneli
Well, well, well, look who's here claiming to be a "good tengaged player." Let's break it down. In the "good era," you decided kindness is the way, but we all know you took a detour into the "mean era" faster than I can read this cringe-worthy profile.

Oh, and nice touch on the acts: foul language and ruining a 20-post casting. Classic moves, really setting the bar high for being the "good tengaged player" you claim to be.

But don't worry, folks, now Ikaw0ng is all about kindness again, a sudden change of heart that's as convincing as your claim to have a "good profile." By the way, the only thing good about it is the unintentional comedy.

And let's not forget the attempt to showcase your KPOP obsession with the NEWJEANS SLAY group. Really, nothing says "cool" like shouting your love for a KPOP group in all caps.

But hey, congratulations on winning Stars 778. I'm sure the competition was just as fierce as your attempts to convince us that this profile is anything but a cringefest.

In the immortal words of Gossip Girl, "Spotted: Ikaw0ng trying too hard to be relevant on Tengaged. XOXO."


why are you shading a minor 馃槶
Sent by Mughees,Dec 6, 2023
Is ika a minor?
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 6, 2023
Mughees she asked for this (No literally she asked me to ask the a.i to roast her)
Sent by Pavaneli,Dec 6, 2023
I have no idea but prob no Kiki4ever
Sent by Pavaneli,Dec 6, 2023
Even still why is it so bad to shade anyone? I mean people shade whoever and age shouldn't matter. If he feels wronged by someone he has a right to say what he wants. I have no idea what ika has done but I'm just saying that it shouldn't matter how old anyone is when they are being called out.
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 6, 2023
Kiki4ever Ika did nothing wrong 馃槶 but you're right about that next time I'll roast Cullenhi he better wait
Sent by Pavaneli,Dec 6, 2023
he said it was an unserious roast, kiks. so it鈥檚 fine.
Sent by Mughees,Dec 6, 2023
I typed that as that was happening so I didn't even see that till I sent my comment
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 6, 2023
Sent by ikaw0ng,Dec 6, 2023

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