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rewatched AS4

Jul 14, 2020 by PaulaDeen
and honestly i think the decision to have the tie between monet and trinity was the right thing to do

i dont think naomi has the bigger than life personality as the rest of them, but she can kill the looks

and monique has the personality but she's just not as well put together and thought out as the other two. she was my favorite because both on her season and all stars she was the best commentator of them all

also i like manila and her aesthetic, but she seems almost TOO polished and put together for me... you know what i mean? like she seems too calculated. like i feel like she's safe and boring. whereas with bendelacreme was more exciting and surprising


Sent by alexclow345,Jul 14, 2020
Monique should have been the sole winner but at least we finally have one POC in the HOF.
Sent by Letal,Jul 14, 2020
hey... alaska is black by injection letal
Sent by PaulaDeen,Jul 14, 2020

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